Change of address and ownership for pets

When you purchase a companion animal or have been given a companion animal, ensure that the previous owner or breeder sends the local council a signed and completed Change of Owner/Details C3A Form

If you sell or give away a companion animal, it is your responsibility as the 'old owner' to update the new owner's details on the Companion Animals Register at your local council, otherwise penalties may apply.

Selling or giving away a cat or dog? The rules have changed.

From 1 July 2019, people advertising kittens, cats, puppies or dogs for sale or to give away in NSW will need to include an identification number in advertisements. The identification number can be either:

  • a microchip number
  • a breeder identification number, OR
  • a rehoming organisation number.

The rules will apply to all advertisements, including those in newspapers, local posters, community notice boards and all forms of online advertising, including public advertisements on websites such as the Trading Post, Gumtree and social media sites.

For more information visit the Department of Primary Industries website.



Change of address or contact details


If your address or phone number changes you can lodge a Companion Animal Register Enquiry request online with Council. Our Officers can update these details on your pet's microchip.


Update your pet's microchip details

If your beloved pet goes missing or is stolen we can use their microchip information to reunite you.

You can also update your contact details online using the NSW Pet Registry 

new pet registry has arrived

Notifying Council 

As an owner of an identified companion animal (whether or not it is registered) you must notify the Director-General under section 11(1) of the Companion Animals Act 1998,when any of the following happens:

(a) any change occurs in the registration information or identification information for the animal (14 days notice must be given after the change occurs),
(b) the making or revocation of a declaration by a court under Part 5 that the animal (being a dog) is dangerous (notification must be given within 7 days after the declaration is made or revoked),
(c) the animal dies (notification must be given within 28 days after the animal dies),
(d) the animal has been missing for more than 72 hours (notification must be given within 96 hours after the animal went missing),
(d1) the animal has been found after having been reported missing (notification must be given within 72 hours after the animal is found),
(e) any other event prescribed as a notifiable event by the regulations.

For further information on keeping your pet's details up-to-date visit the Office of Local Government website

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Page last updated: 03 Mar 2021