Cats and the environment

Inner West Council works to protect and enhance our native biodiversity as much as possible by restoring habitats for native fauna, particularly in local parks and reserves.


Cats are natural hunters

All cats are natural hunters – regardless of whether they are owned or unowned, hungry or fed regularly. Cats are also opportunistic hunters, stalking and preying on many species of native wildlife and other small animals. Cats may spread diseases to native animals through bites and scratches.


What you can do to help

  • Keep your cat indoors, especially at night when most native animals are active
  • Place a collar on your cat with two bells attached to alert wildlife
  • Consider an outdoor enclosure to contain your cat

For more information on cat containment within your property take a look at our cat confinement page.


Be a responsible cat owner and take care of our environment.

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Page last updated: 21 Jun 2020