Inner West food recycling to begin with support for residents

Tuesday 03 October 2023

Darcy Byrne, Inner West Mayor

The expansion of food recycling to all free-standing homes in the Inner West will commence next Monday 9 October with a range of support being offered to residents to transition to the new service.

The new food recycling service will include a weekly collection of the green-lid bin which will take all food and garden waste. The red-lid bin will be collected fortnightly.

Council is providing the following support to residents in making this transition:

  • Residents can book an additional red lid bin collection through the Council website, the portal will be available next week when the new service commences.
  • Residents can register for a free, larger 240L red lid bin. The delivery of these larger red bins will commence after the initial roll out of the new service.
  • Council’s new Waste Busters team is available to help with a phone call or home visit to provide tips and suggestions about how to reduce the amount of general waste that goes in the red lid bin.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that Council is providing all the assistance that residents need in the transition to food recycling.

“Expanding food recycling to every home is the single biggest thing our community can do to combat climate change, but we know this transition will be challenging,” Byrne said.

“We are determined to provide the practical support our community needs to make this change.

“Residents will be able to book an additional red lid bin collection when they need it and they can also register for a free, larger 240L red bin.

“Food recycling schemes already cover about 30% of Australian households including all regional councils in NSW, as well as Penrith and Randwick.

“The experience of these councils is that providing residents with practical support at the start empowers the community to participate in the change.

“We are determined to make food recycling in the Inner West a success.”


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