Solar incentives for business

Commonwealth Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme 

The Federal Government solar rebate scheme for solar systems under 100kW in size is known as the small scale renewable energy scheme.

For each kilowatt of panels you install, a certain number of small-scale technology certificates (or STCs) are generated. Because these STCs are bought by electricity retailers who need them to meet their renewable energy obligations, you receive money for each certificate.

You can expect to sell each STC for about $30. For a 30kW system, this equates to approximately $18000 off the cost of the system. Most solar quotes you’ll see will already have the STC discount applied, so unfortunately you can’t claim an additional $18,000 off the price.

This process is entirely managed by your solar installer, so there’s no need to worry about selling the STCs yourself (though it’s an option if you’d like to do so).

It’s important to note that this scheme is currently being phased out until 2030, with the value of STCs declining by 7% at the start of each calendar year (January 1st).

Eligibility requirements 

  • Small scale Technology Certificates (STCs) must be created within 12 months of installation
  • The project must use Clean Energy Council approved inverters and solar panels
  • The solar system must have a maximum 100kW DC capacity (nameplate rating of solar panels not inverter)
  • The solar system must adhere to local, state, federal government legislation and Australian standards.

The following projects ARE eligible for STCs if the total system remains under 100kW in capacity:

  • creating additional capacity or upgrading
  • installing an additional separate system, and
  • replacing an additional system

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Page last updated: 02 Apr 2024