Business Environment Awards

The Inner West Business Environment Awards recognise the contributions made by our local businesses to become more sustainable.

The 2020 Business Environment Awards have been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Latest Winners and Finalists

The Inner West Business Environment Awards were held at Camperdown Commons. Our guest speaker was Dare Kavanagh, an active member of the inner west community – living and breathing sustainability. Dare was named 2018 Woman of the Year for Summer Hill state electorate, recognising her work in the community, including her volunteering with Boomerang Bags and as the former CEO of the not for profit reuse institution Reverse Garbage.

More than 20 local businesses were recognised as winners or finalists in six award categories. Congratulations to our 2018 winners and finalists!

Rethink Waste

For avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling waste. 


Village Wholefoods, a bulk food store, have built their whole business model around avoiding waste, including diverting 90% of their plastic waste from landfill and preventing an estimated 20,000 plastic bags from entering the environment. They have made significant and ongoing commitment to reducing their operational waste and creating a zero-waste culture in their community.

Highly Commended


Energy Smart

For energy efficiency of gas and electricity and renewable energy.


For achieving excellent results in energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. The pharmacy has covered its roof with a 15kW solar PV system, reduced energy consumption by two-thirds and invested in smart technologies like sensor doors that reduce air conditioning load and LED lighting.

Highly Commended


Community Partnership

For partnering with the community to solve environmental issues.


For their strong commitment to improving sustainable outcomes within the inner west community through creating positive community partnerships to support waste reduction. They did this by working with the Annandale community, children and educators and their professional networks to assist in the process of going plastic-free and reducing waste.


Beyond our Four Walls

For influencing supply chains for sustainable outcomes.


For going beyond their business to make a difference through advocating for sustainable resource use. The business promotes transparency and visibility in the meat industry and only works with suppliers who focus on building healthy soil, plants and animals, assisting to provide alternatives to intensive farming.


Sustainable Innovation Award

For exploring new and creative solutions to sustainability opportunities.


For building on past successes to find creative and innovative ways to increase sustainability and ensure long-term financial viability. The club has an on-going commitment to environment initiatives, including phasing out single-use soft drinks, installing more solar, planting natives and using waste coffee from local cafes in their compost systems


Sustainability Leadership Award

For actions over a range of initiatives and taking a holistic view of sustainability.


For their wide-reaching, holistic sustainability impacts. Feather and Bone have stayed true to their core values and continue to show leadership and influence in their field. The business is not only reducing their own energy consumption, they are innovating in new product areas, and their core business is expanding, strengthening and advocating for sustainable livestock farming


For further information about the awards, contact Anne Abbott on 9392 5341 or email

2018 Awards night images

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