Go solar for strata

Council is supporting  apartments and townhouses (strata) to go solar.

What's on offer?

If you are a strata resident, committee member, strata manager, building or facilities manager you could be eligible for:

  • A free solar feasibility assessment conducted by independent industry specialists 
  • A detailed report which clearly illustrates the environmental and financial case for rooftop solar
  • Phone/online video conferencing support at strata meetings, if requested, to help communicate the benefits

Registrations for this program have now closed. A new round will be opening in mid 2021.

Online information session: solar for strata

Learn how you can become involved and understand what model of solar is best for your apartment building.

This webinar and Q&A session took place on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

View the solar for strata webinar recording and resources

Presenter: Brent Clark, CEO, Wattblock

Webinar agenda:

  • Why solar for apartments?
  • Overcoming the barriers for body corporates
  • What are the selection criteria for participation in Council’s Solar for Strata program?
  • Solar feasibility: what's involved?
  • Solar financing models and government rebates
  • Case studies

Why strata properties?

Strata buildings in Australia consume 7% of the national electricity grid, which equates to an equivalent spend of $1.7bn on electricity each year.  In the Inner West, 44% of homes are apartments.

Traditionally apartments have had a lower uptake of solar at 0.6%, compared to 22% of residential houses. The challenge has been for Owners in strata schemes to identify the best model for solar on their building taking into account the physical characteristics of the building and the desires of Owners in the strata community.

Now, with new solar sharing gateway technology designed specifically for apartments, it’s easier to share solar. Not every lot owner needs to participate, meaning that a shared solar system can be installed just for those who are interested.  

What are the solar options for strata properties?

There are four categories of rooftop solar usage for strata properties: 

  • Solar for sole use in common areas,
  • Solar for sole use by individual lots ( townhouses) 
  • Solar for shared use between common areas and participating apartments
  • Solar for shared use for apartments which operate as an embedded network

Please note that support for properties investigating solar for sole use by individual lots does not include the solar feasibility study of the whole property. For these townhouse properties, assistance will be to educate the property owner about the process (see Wattblock's Solar Education Kit for Individual Apartments and Townhouses (PDF 709.9KB)) and how to apply for Council’s fee free solar quote service. Property owners will need to review their strata scheme to determine what approvals may be required for installation of a solar system on their property.

What is the Go Solar for strata opportunity in the Inner West?

The good news is that preliminary investigations have revealed over 200 great apartment block and mixed use strata buildings in the Inner West across the four categories which would see a payback on a solar system within 5-7 years. 

Does my strata property qualify?  

There are a number of criteria that will impact the suitability and financial viability of rooftop solar for your apartment building.

  • Building age: properties under ten years of age will have modern electrical switchboards
  • Roof type and aspect: colourbond or steel roofs are ideal, terracotta or concrete tiles and concrete roofs are more complicated. 
  • Location:  the site's orientation will determine the quality of solar access including shading from neighbouring properties or trees
  • Apartment block size: Lower rise properties of up to five stories with a larger usable roof area are ideal over tall towers
  • Building profile:  the amount of electricity consumed by the common area for services including air conditioned foyers, lighting, swimming pools, lifts,  carpark ventilation  

Council has assessed all residential and mixed use commercial / residential strata properties according to the selection criteria.

To see if your strata property is a priority candidate for solar you can:

1. Open the large format map and zoom in to your street to see if your building is there.

Properties marked with a tick are round 1 participants of the Solar for Strata program.

2. Check on the drop down list below:

Strata solar eligibility

If your property qualifies, read more

How can I participate?

By reviewing the selection criteria above and if there is a fit,  completing the registration form below.

All apartment blocks or mixed-use commercial/residential strata schemes are invited to register their interest in getting a solar feasibility study provided by Council. As spaces in the program are limited, a selection process will occur.

What is required of the strata committee?

If selected for inclusion into the program, the strata committee will need to pass a commitment motion and have this formally minuted by the Strata Manager, Chairperson or Secretary to demonstrate that a majority of strata committee members are in favour of participating.

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