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If you are considering installing solar, try out SunSPoT. This great tool will help you calculate how much electricity and money a solar PV system could save your home or business.

The tool is based on detailed modelling which takes accounts of solar radiation, tilt, orientation and shading at your home or business. Council worked with Australian PV Institute (AVPI) to map the Inner West area so that you can select your own rooftop and receive personalised information.

Visit SunSPoT to see how much energy your roof could make, then contact Our Energy Future to see how to make your solar ambitions come true. If you want to know how solar works visit the solar information page.

SunSPoT has been developed by the Australian PV Institute (APVI) as part of the APVI’s Solar Mapping research project, and funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Australian Energy Foundation – Get a free solar power quote

Council has engaged the Australian Energy Foundation to provide an energy advice service to the Inner West.

The experts at the Australian Energy Foundation have conducted a rigorous procurement process in order to find a supplier and installer to recommend.

You can request quotes for rooftop solar (and other energy-related technologies), ask for help understanding your energy bills or solar quotes, and much, much more.

It was good to have that independent body helping you make decisions because it's overwhelming. Otherwise, you don't know where to start!"
Danielle, Inner West resident

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Page last updated: 21 Jun 2021