Our older LGBTQ+ community

Valuing an improving our community of older  people is crucial as they have faced unique challenges throughout their lives. Many have experienced discrimination, isolation, and marginalisation, and as they age, they face additional obstacles such as health disparities, limited social support, and financial insecurity. It is essential to honor their experiences and contributions, provide them with equitable access to resources and services, and create inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and affirm their identities. By working towards improving the lives of older LGBTQ+ individuals, we can promote social justice, foster intergenerational understanding, and build a stronger more resilient community for all. Below is a list of services, organisations and resources that strive to achieve these goals for older LGBTQ+ people living in the inner west.

Key Organisations and initiatives: 

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia: National peak health organisation, provides LGBTQI+ health-related programs, services and research. Phone: (02) 7209 63010. Email: Visit:

LOVE Project - Living Older Visibly and Engaged - ACON
The LOVE Project, ACON’s ageing initiative, aims to empower older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities, including people living with HIV, to lead healthy, active and more social lives. Understanding your needs and preferences helps us to deliver better community programs. Click here for more information. 

Pride Foundation Australia 
Pride Foundation Australia exists to create more funding opportunities for organisations in LGBTQIA+ spaces working to address the systemic disadvantage of queer Australians. Click here for more information 

BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation is committed to empowering the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander LGBTQIA+SB community through innovation, inclusion, understanding and advocacy. Click here for more information. 

Choosing an LGBTI Inclusive Ageing and Aged Care Service - Silver Rainbow resource
A multipurpose tool to support people who are beginning to access ageing & aged care services. The factsheet provides a series of questions that can help people to decide if a service is LGBTI inclusive. Download the resource here

RUOK?'s LGBTIQ+ Conversation Guide
R U OK? has developed a conversation guide that contains tips to help you know when and how to ask someone who is gender, bodily or sexuality diverse, “Are you OK?” in a safe and supportive way. Find out more here

Positive Life
Positive Life NSW is the largest peer-led and run representative body of all people living with HIV in Australia based in NSW, and the voice of all people living with HIV in NSW since 1988. Positive Life empowers all people living with HIV in NSW with information, referral and advice on all relevant issues with the aim of ensuring the optimum well-being, care and support for the Body Positive including friends, family and carers across NSW. Read more here

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation 
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) is Australia's longest running HIV charity. Founded in 1984, when a group of friends got together to give their dying mate Bobby Goldsmith the care he needed in the comfort of his home, BGF has gone on to provide that same individualised care to thousands of Australians. Read more here

Silver Rainbow Presents: Ageing Fabulously - podcast
Silver Rainbow podcast presented by LGBTIQ+ Health Australia and hosted by Maeve Marsden. Developed specifically for the aged care workforce, this podcast will tackle common issues, share personal stories and discuss practical tips on supporting older LGBTI people. Listen on Apple Podcasts - click here

The facts: Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence - ACON resource
This factsheet provides some information for LGBTI elders regarding elder abuse and domestic violence, including a number of contacts to seek additional help. Download the resource here

LGBTQ People and Dementia 
This guide was prepared by Dementia Australia for LGBTI people living with dementia, their families, friends and care partners. This guide is based on discussions, consultations and input from LGBTI people. Access this recourse here

More information:

For more information on other LGBTQ+ events, initiatives, news and resources in the inner west click here.

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