Exercise and aquatic programs for seniors

Our Leisure and Aquatic Centres offer a range of group exercise programs and a variety of memberships are available for Seniors.

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Our Aquatic centres offer a variety of programs for the beginner, regular exercisers, those rehabilitating from injuries, and the more mature participant. These include aerobics, circuit training and aqua, all with uncomplicated easy to follow steps. For Seniors classes, participants must be over 50 years of age.

Seniors Aqua

A workout in the outdoor pool utilising not only the water itself but the pool bottom as a resistance to increase cardio vascular fitness, muscular strength, definition and flexibility. Aqua fitness equipment may be used to enhance these benefits. 

Strong Seniors

A combination of cardiovascular and resistance training with a balance component. The first component of the class is cardiovascular on the spin bikes. Designed specifically for seniors to assist with bone density, balance and increasing overall fitness levels. Some fit ball or free weights included.

Seniors Circuit

The first component of the class is cardiovascular on the spin bikes. The second half of the class is circuit training which can be a challenging low co-ordinated workout using body weight and equipment. Suited to all fitness levels.

Total Body Seniors

This fun class will feature a total body experience starting with 25 mins of pre-choreographed strength and conditioning workout followed by a core and a stretch component. Suits all fitness levels.

Active Seniors

A fun filled low to moderate intensity class for non-exercisers, people at risk of heart disease and people returning to exercise from a cardiac event (post rehab). This is a perfect introductory class for our Strong Seniors class or someone wanting to get moving again and is full of fun.

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Page last updated: 25 Oct 2023