Petersham Town Hall
107 Crystal Street, Petersham


Friday 8 December 2023, 6.30pm to 10.30pm

About IDPwD

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is held annually in December. It aims to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

A stylised red and black image of a five-piece rock band playing on stage with their backs turned away from the camera a The band are photographed in black and white tones against a bright red background; the front of the drumkit is bright yellow with text in capital letters that says: Liz Martin


Program (PDF 9.8MB)

Malaika Mfalme

A woman with dredlocks piled high on her head soulfully plays an acoustic guitar with her eyes closed and a half smile

Malaika Mfalme {Angel King} is a non-binary singer, songwriter, guitarist, and event producer creating on Gadigal Land. Malaika writes immersive and evoking music that focuses on black love, self-acceptance, grief, and the journey of being loved and sometimes lost. Malaika is here to create a safe space focused on healing with a powerful message of kindness, acceptance and reflection vibrating through every one of their sonic outputs. Mfalme’s ink-stained fingers play sweet melodic guitar alongside strikingly smooth vocals layered with a looping pedal; reminding you their name is Angel for a reason.


Liz Martin band

red background featuring 5 members of the band playing their instruments

Atmospheric, passionate, brooding, melodic, at times downright swaggeringly rhythmic, and full of a mesmerising and captivating musical and lyrical diversity, Liz Martin is a powerful and distinctive Australian music talent.


Barrel Dawgs

 A four piece band pose with rock instruments against a story sky with bright white lightiening bolds shooting down behind them. On the left a man man sits at a drum kit, another has a tamborine around his neck. A woman holds a guitar upright and a man holds his bass horizontally

This interesting bunch of misfits will have you on your feet with their gritty, rootsy sound, stirring up a foot stomp'n frenzy. Whether it is the Barrel Dawg dynamic trio performing or the full band experience, they will always leave you howling for more. From Cigar Box Guitars, and banjo to back-up vocalists, and a crazy percussionist who wears his tambourine as a collar, Barrel Dawg's pack of strays will entertain you from go to whoa.


Infinite Skies

Four people in black and pink coloured rock clothing stand with attitude against a brick wall

Annaïs Paris is a producer/singer and songwriter. Hailing from the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Annaïs Paris is currently the Lead Singer/Songwriter/Band Manager for up-and-coming band Infinite Skies. A band described as “A fusion of melodic otherworldly vocals, backed by insanely catchy hook lines, epic soaring synth riffs, intertwined with a blend of grungy, rock style guitars, funky/fat/crunchy bass working with energetic drums and wide, lush spacious pads”.


Inclusion Festival is a celebration of live music that is accessible for the whole community to experience. Last year's festival included the following:

  • Auslan interpreters.
  • live captioning.
  • haptic vests.
  • noise cancelling headphones available.
  • accessible seating that is not up the back.
  • all service animals will be welcome.
  • a sensory space.

Our vision is to model inclusive practice, to build a space where diversity is valued and thrives. A place of ideas, to share stories and collective experience through a celebration of artistic talent. This is Council's annual signature event for the Inner West that will influence local creative venues to become more inclusive all the time.


For further information, please contact julia.phillips@innerwest.nsw.gov.au


Thank you to

Accessible Arts, Sydney Fringe Festival, Mable, Gig Buddies, Participate Australia, Sydney Local Health District and Ethnic Community Services Cooperative for staff volunteers on the night.

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