Entries open: 18 April 2024

Entries close: 14 July 2024

Awards presentation: 19 October 2024

This year's theme: Connections

What are the Built Environment Awards?

The Built Environment Awards are two separate programs that contribute to and celebrate our understanding of the inner west's built heritage: the Marrickville Medal for Conservation, and the Inner West Urban Photography Competition.

New Canterbury Rd BEA

The Built Environment Awards are two separate programs that contribute to and celebrate our understanding of the Inner West's built heritage: the Marrickville Medal for Conservation and the Inner West Urban Photography Competition.

Entries for 2024 have now closed. The winners and finalists will be announced at an awards event on Saturday 19 October 2024.

2023 winners and finalists

Marrickville Medal 2023


59a Reynolds Street, Balmain (Designer - SAHA)

A diagonal front view of a white house with a verandah and a landscaped front yard The back of a house with large glass sliding windows. A house extension with concrete floors and white walls. A small garden and a frangipani tree is contained in a small open area to the right.

Commendation for sustainability

26 Silver Street, St Peters (Designer - Sarah Aubrey)

A front view of a well-kept historical brick house.

Commendation for Maintenance, Restoration & Reconstruction

55 Livingstone Road, Petersham (Designer – Peter Phillips of Orwell and Peter Phillips Architects)

A crenellated earth-coloured building with yellow details behind an imposing black front gate.

Commendation for Interpretive Adaptation

16 River Street, Birchgrove (Designer – Studio Prineas & Eva-Marie Prineas)

A minimalist open living space with windows facing out to a harbour.

Commendation for Reconstruction and Adaptive Reuse

27 Kintore Street, Dulwich Hill (Designer – Carter Williamson Architects)

The white cladded rear of a two-storey house with a triangular balcony jutting out into the landscaped yard.

Urban Photography 2023

Winner - Primary School Age Group

Andre Antunes – Trinity

A Catholic church in the Spanish Mission style.

Commendation – Primary School Age Group

Layla Dickson – Puzzle Pieces

A wall of concrete bricks with the hollow centres exposed outwards. The bricks have been painted in alternating colours which emphasises the striking geometric pattern.

Commendation – Primary School Age Group

Roman Cerminara – Look up!

A dramatic view looking up at a tall serrated awning.

Winner - High School Age Group

Winston Parry – The Egyptian Room

An ornate room with wooden upholstered throne-like chairs. The wall behind is decorated with ancient Egyptian patterns and other ornamentation.

Winner - General Category

Matthew Venables – On Livingstone Road

A perpendicular view from the middle of a road bridge in a residential area. A cycleway is in the foreground and there is construction bunting on the opposite side of the roadway.

Commendation - General Category

Karen Salipuran – Going Home to Ashfield

A stairway at a suburban railway station at sunset

Commendation - General Category

Andrew Burns – Art Nouveau and Traffic

An ornate corner of a building with dark coloured Art Nouveau tiles. Passing car traffic is reflected in the gloss of the tiles.

Commendation - General Category

Matthew Venables – On Marrickville Road

A gloomy view  of an urban main street looking down the roadway. The stormy sky is punctuated with bright sunshine on the shop and church buildings on the right.

Commendation - General Category

Kylie Hogan – The Rio

A boarded-up milk bar from a bygone area at night. Despite being closed to the public the interior is nonetheless illuminated.

Commendation - General Category

Tanya Moffatt – Send letters, share stories

Two rows of old steel mailboxes embedded in a rustic and quaint way into a stone brick wall.

Finalists for 2023 Marrickville Medal

Project Designer Builder Photographer
26 Silver Street, St Peters Sarah Aubrey N/A Sarah Aubrey
16 River Street, Birchgrove Studio Prineas & Eva-Marie Prineas Dean Panos Gavin Green, Lucas Perez and Henri Fanti
55 Livingstone Road, Petersham Peter Phillips of Orwell and Peter Phillips Architects Steven Siewert and Anthony Mitchell A J Bristow and Sons Pty Ltd
27 Kintore Street, Dulwich Hill Carter Williamson Architects Andrew Burton Construction Katherine Lu
63 Corunna Road, Stanmore Robert Parisi Architecture and Design Lifestyle Building Design Ryan Linnegar
76 Louisa Road, Birchgrove Carter Williamson Architects Artechne Pablo Veiga and Brett Boardman
59a Reynolds Street, Balmain SAHA Keith March Saskia Wilson

Finalists for 2023 Urban Photography Awards

Name Title
Andre Antunes Trinity
Layla Dickson Puzzle Pieces
Roman Cerminara Look up!
Winston Parry The Egyptian Room
Matthew Venables On Livingstone Road
Karen Salipuran Going Home to Ashfield
Andrew Burns Art Nouveau and Traffic
Matthew Venables On Marrickville Road
Kylie Hogan The Rio
Tanya Moffatt Send letters, share stories

2022 winners and finalists

Marrickville Medal 2022 Winner and Commendations


29 Kingston Street, Haberfield (Designer - Andrew Burns Architecture)

29 Kingston Street 1 29 Kingston Street 2

Commendation for conservation

Callan Park Gates, Balmain Road, Lilyfield (Designer - Greater Sydney Parklands and Minister's Stonework Program)

A path leading to a set of historic brick and cast-iron gates.

Commendation for Commercial Adaptive Reuse

94 Illawarra Road, Marrickville (Designer - Kreis Grennan Architecture) 

A street intersection with a historic rendered building on the left and a renovated house on the right.

Commendation for Community Project

35-37 Dickson Street, Newtown (Designer - Hector Abrahams)

A pointed church-like brick building with a tin roof and arched windows.

Commendation for Interior Adaption

118-132 Enmore Road, Newtown (Designer - Kat Everett & Daniel Guida)

The interior of a historic concert venue bathed in atmospheric red light.

Urban Photography 2022 Winners and Commendations

Winner - Primary School Age Group

Sophie Dowd - Tower Power

A water tower dominates over a landscape of trees and houses.

Winner - High School Age Group

Evan Black - Down the Rabbit Hole

Light pours through an open door in the laneway of an urban factory district.

Winner - General Category

Julie Gabriel - Petersham Noon


Runner Up - General Category

Hayden Walsh - Witch's House

Peering through a wooden gate to reveal the tower structure on a distinctive old house.

Commendation - General Category

Danica Phillips - Henson Walk

A brick gate with the text Henson Park on its top arch opens up to a vista of a sporting ground.

Commendation - General Category

Geoff Harvey - Hotel in Sydenham

Sunset view of an urban street with terrace houses on the left side and a historic hotel on the right side.

Finalists for 2022 Marrickville Medal

Project Designer Builder Photographer
Callan Park Balmain Road Gate - Park Drive, Lilyfield Greater Sydney Parklands and Minister's Stonework Program Heritage Stoneworks Douglas Frost
8 Broderick Street, Balmain Studio Johnston - Conrad Johnston SQ Projects & Dot Kom Carpentry Anson Smart & Brett Boardman
39 Wharf Road, Birchgrove Jacqui Hargroves TCM Construction Group - Shaun Taylor Liane Neich
3 James Lane, Balmain East Chris Jordan Chris Cowley Martin Nix
29 Kingston Street, Haberfield Andrew Burns Architecture Genuine Building Services - Peter Ginns Michael Anderson
75 Kingston Street, Haberfield Studio Prineas - Eva-Marie Prineas Carrington Building Chris Warnes
54 Burfitt Street, Leichhardt Panda Studio Architecture  Konnect Building Solutions Andreas Bommert
40 Wellesley Street, Summer Hill Justin Long Design TWC Building Residential & Commercial - Tom Clack Justin Long
94 Illawarra Road, Marrickville Kreis Grennan Architecture Chris Kreis Andreas Bommert & Douglas Frost
150 Church Street, St Peters Panda Studio Architecture Niel Whitford Andreas Bommert
35-39 Dickson Street, Newtown Hector Abrahams Sean Price Neil Waldron / Hector Abrahams Architects
118-132 Enmore Road, Newtown Kat Everett & Daniel Guida Daniel Guida Daniel Guida / Various

Finalists for 2022 Urban Photography Awards

Name Title
Sophie Dowd Tower Power
Evan Black Down the rabbit hole
Michael Crawford Balmain Baths
Andreas Bommert Kreis Grennon - Office 94 Illawarra Road Marrickville
Danica Phillips Henson Walk
Geoff Harvey Hotel in Sydenham
Jo Everett Co-habitation
Jared Harrison Marrickville Geometric
Stephen Lambeth Where Am I ?
Tanya Moffatt Come walk with me
Patricia Maganja  Blend
Fiona Bowring Who's Lived Here
Julie Gabriel Petersham noon
John Russell Trafalgar Street 
Nat Pree Enter here
Hayden Walsh  Witch's House 
Trish Davies Derelict Beauty - St Stephen's Camperdown
Nicola Jane Walker Aqueduct Sunset
Trish Graf Stanmore Row
Aine Healy Tropical Marrickville 

2021 winners and finalists

Marrickville Medal Winner

272 Johnston Street, Annandale 

The Abbey Exterior

The Abbey Interior

Urban Photography Winners

High School Winner
Evan Black. new x old

Evan Black new x old

Open Winner
Andrew Miers: Two lovely ladies

Two lovely ladies Andrew Meirs

Marrickville Medal Commendations

Highly Commended
20 Swain Street Sydenham, 

223 Trafalgar Street, Stanmore
71 Bedford Street, Newtown
8 Wharf Road, Birchgrove

Urban Photography Commendations

Highly Commended
Will Jones: Grandstand

Ian Gilmour: Health Clinic and Tour
Joh Russell:  Stanmore Station
Rosina Schinella: Stolen
Hayden Walsh: Patyegarang 

Finalists for 2021 Marrickville Medal

Project Designer Builder  Photographer
20 Swain Street, Sydenham Anthony Vavayis & Associates Rohrig (NSW) Pty Ltd
223 Trafalgar Street, Stanmore BTB Architecture Studio Everbuilt Pty Ltd The Guthrie Project
83 Bedford Street, Newtown Panov + Scott Architect
Mr Brett Boardman
67 Ballast Point Road, Birchgrove Vaughan Architects Burmah Constructions Simon Wood Photography
71 Bedford Street, Newtown Architect George Pacific Projects Pty Ltd Clinton Weaver Photography
8 Wharf Road, Birchgrove David Scobie Architects Fine Point Building Group Mr David Liddle
52 Wells Street, Annandale Carter Williamson Architects Andrew Burton Constructions Mr Ben Guthrie
44-46 Princes Highway, St Peters  Antoniades Architects  Infinity Constructions  Mr Andreas Antoniades 
272 Johnston Street, Annandale Letizia Coppo + Associates Pty Ltd A & DR Illes (Sydney) Pty Ltd Images for Business

2020 winners and finalists

Details about our 2020 winners and finalists can be found below.

Marrickville Medal for Conservation

Winner: 6 Montague Street, Balmain

Judges Comments: 

The adaptative reuse of the c.1912 former Temperance Hall to provide five new apartments within the existing building envelope has been carried out in a way that retains the principal significance of the historic building, including its significant streetscape elevation, while adapting the building for contemporary living.
The timber hardwood beams with iron arch braces from the original hall are exposed within the new apartments, and these have been incorporated in an innovative way into the new designs. Original fabric has been repaired, including the timber windows and the historic pressed metal ceilings. The double-height spaces within the hall have been retained, with the new mezzanines set back from the trusses. The work included the management of noise separation and fire compliance, without compromising the heritage fabric and spaces, often difficult in adaptive reuse projects of this nature.
The jury considers that juxtaposition of the historic structure and the contemporary architectural expression has created a lively conversation between old and new, and demonstrates the possibilities for positive heritage outcomes by the creative partnership between a supportive owner and an enthusiastic architect.

High commendation: Cnr Norton & Marion Streets, Leichhardt

Judges Comments:

The conservation and repair works to the external fabric of the 1880s Victorian neoclassical Leichhardt Town Hall are exemplary and have been carried out to a high standard, and they follow the process of research & analysis before decision making. 
The Town Hall is a local landmark and a significant and prominent civic building at the corner of Norton and Marion Street in Leichhardt. The new stone-coloured paint scheme that has been implemented, based on an understanding of the historic colour schemes, interprets the historic schemes to accentuate the architectural modelling of the building and enhance its street presence. 
The reconstruction of the window to the former library returns an important detail to the elevation fronting Marion Street which has been missing for over half a century. Other conservation work included repair works to windows, clock faces, foundation stone and to the tower and roof finials. New external lighting has been installed. 
The project demonstrates a strong collaboration between client, heritage architect and builder, who set up a joinery repair shop on site to carry out the works. 

Commendation: 16 Balfour Street, Dulwich Hill

Judges Comments:

The conservation and new addition to a c. 1914 timber house in Dulwich Hill included the removal of fibro cladding, replacement of aluminium windows with timber windows, and the reconstruction of the front verandah. New windows were based on the historic layout and form of the original windows, using in situ evidence of the original opening. The profile of the original weatherboards was reproduced to replace those missing from the front elevation. The bullnose front verandah was a conjectural reconstruction, taking its cue from similar houses locally. A new timber picket fence was constructed. Internally, the building was adapted and extended for contemporary living in a way that retains the open space of the backyard.
The jury considered the works to building to have reinstated the streetscape contribution of this house, while updating it for contemporary living.

Commendation: 313 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

Judges Comments:

The adaptive reuse of the c.1920 former Marrickville hospital building, which has been conserved, repurposed and integrated into the new library to create a new civic hub. The jury were impressed with the careful adaption of the historic building to accommodate the new uses, and that the uses were selected based on a ‘best-fit’ allowing the former ward spaces to remain legible, including the roof trusses, and historic joinery, with the reconstruction of the former verandahs which are now reading rooms. The slate roof of the building has been restored and is visible from within the new library.
The heritage interpretation referring to pre-European links to the site, and to the former brickyards and hospital uses building along with women authors and librarians is a positive feature of the works.
The innovative contemporary additions facilitate a wide range of uses on site, and have been designed around an open space which has been embraced by the local community. The jury commends the project team for an outcome which provides a new and lively use for the historic building.

Urban Photography Awards

Open Category
Winner: Serkan Ogdum, Symmetry In Time

Judges Comments:

The jury considered this to be a beautifully composed and well cropped photo displaying strong creativity. It has great graphic qualities through the colours, the strong geometry, and the contrast of the pattern of the blockwork and the texture of the natural sandstone, enlivened by the movement and human of the person at the top right of the image. The Rozelle/Balmain sign, which is vertically aligned with the corner of the wall above, and the placement of the various shadows, all contribute the composition.

Commendation: Ann Hodgson, Tank 101

Commendation: Ann Hodgson, The Flour Mill

Commendation: Jake Starr, The King's Concourse

Commendation: Pierre Mardaga, Humphrey, Skylar & Erykah - Pugs

Commendation: Richard Sydenham, Lustre-Glo

Commendation: Skye Gellmann, When the Paint Peels 3

Secondary School Category

Winner: Charlie Moore, Old and new in parallel

Judges Comments:

The jury considered the winning image of the historic Whipple bridge in Lewisham to be an adventurous photo which captures in black and white the silhouette of the underside of the former railway line. The photograph makes good use of similar elements to create a repetitive rhythm, and a strong contrast of forms.

COMMENDATION Evan Black, Old Through New

Primary School Category

Winner: Jesper Svensson, I Have a Dream

Judges Comments:

The jury considered the winning image to be have a strong graphic quality; it is colourful and well composed and well cropped to highlight the subject which includes the iconic ‘I have a dream’ mural in King Street, Newtown.

2020 Awards Judges

Marrickville Medal

Scott MacArthur: Scott is a conservation architect, and is currently in his sixth year as President of the Marrickville Heritage Society. He is a previous winner of a NSW Government Heritage Volunteer Award and the Marrickville Medal Heritage Promotions Special Achievement Award in recognition of his work with the Society to champion the built heritage of the former Marrickville LGA.

Matt Devine: Matt is an architect and heritage specialist with over 25 years experience working in small - medium size commercial architectural practices, as well as the Government Architect’s Office, National Trust of Australia (NSW) and the Australian Institute of Architects. Since 2017, he has been engaged in sole practice, as well as working in strategic planning at the City of Sydney. Recent projects involve the conservation of, alterations and additions to, and management of heritage buildings and landscapes across NSW. In association with practice, has been involved in architectural education for over 10 years, as a lecturer, critic, tutor and course supervisor.

Urban Photography Awards

Michael Nicholson: Michael is an established and award-winning commercial photographer who has specialised in architectural and interiors photography for the past 30 years. He has a degree in architecture from the University of Sydney and brings the same level of vision, skill and experience to photography as an architect brings to design, which has made him the photographer-of-choice for several leading architects. After embarking on his photographic career, Michael further honed his craft alongside Max Dupain for two years. His images appear in collections including the National Gallery of Australia, in specialist books, and in publications including Habitus, Indesign, Architecture Australia, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper and Domus. 

Congratulations to all Winners and Award recipients! See below for a full listing and gallery of all 2020 finalists.

2020 Marrickville Medal for Conservation Finalists

Property Designer Builder Photographer
3 Hearn Street, Leichhardt Robert Parisi Architecture + Design DCD Group Pty Ltd Tom Ferguson Photography

6 Montague Street, Balmain - Winner

Mike Macaulay Architects

Cubic Construction Management P/L 

Belle Property Group

12 Piper Street, Annandale Carter Williamson Architects Andrew Burton Constructions Katherine Lu

16 Balfour Street, Dulwich Hill - Commendation

Bluemist Designs Pty Ltd Paul Toni Paul Toni
16 Lilydale Street, Marrickville Mirvac Design/TZG Mirvac Construction Mirvac
21 Thompson Street, Marrickville Bruce Welch Men in White Bruce Welch

313 Marrickville Road, Marrickville - Commendation

BVN/GML Heritage CD Construction Group Tom Roe 

Cnr Marion Street and Norton Street, Leichhardt - High commendation

Hector Abrahams Architects A J Bristow and Sons Mark Syke


2020 Urban Photography Awards Finalists

Primary Category
Name Title
Audrey Marczan New surrounding renewed
Jesper Svensson I Have a Dream 
Lucia Sepahpour Extinction
Secondary Category
Name Title
Charlie Moore Old and new in parallel
Evan Black Old Through New
Max Hepburn Old home new colours
Open Category
Name Title
Aixin Wu Newtown Enmore 2
Ann Hodgson The Flour Mill
Ann Hodgson Tank 101
Asad Rajbhoy Petersham Reservoir 1 
Colleen Harris
Locked Up
Faye Jenkins
Paint and Tiles - Darling St, Balmain
Frances Smith Untitled 3
Gaanesh Prasad
Fly High
Geoff Harvey
Campbell St St Peters
George Fetting
Arcade - Leichhardt 2040
Hayden Walsh
Ian Gilmour
Jake Starr
The King's Concourse 
Joanne Karcz
Power Station 
Kathy Wallace
Brickyards Night School 
Mark Gardiner Old Corner Shop
Melissa Hagarty
Petersham Station
Pierre Mardaga  Humphrey, Skylar and Erykah - Pugs 
Richard Sydenham
Rosina Schinella
Puzzle of Life
Serkan Ogdum
Symmetry In Time
Skye Gellmann
When the Paint Peels 3 
Stephen Finlay
Colgate Building - imposing and balanced with surroundings
Terry Armstrong
Sun Lit  
Terry Armstrong
Livingstone Rd Smoke 
Tim Murphy
Lane Ways of Annandale


2019 winners and finalists

On Saturday 4 May, the 2019 Built Environment Awards were presented at the Kirkbride Theatre, Sydney College of the Arts, Lilyfield. Congratulations to all Award recipients! An exhibition of the finalists was held at Leichhardt Library from 3 June to 31 July 2019.

Marrickville Medal for Conservation

The Marrickville Medal for Conservation has been awarded annually since 1995 and was one of the first of its kind in New South Wales.

It celebrates built conservation works that contribute to the understanding and preservation of the Inner West’s rich cultural and architectural heritage.

The award coincides with the state-wide National Trust Heritage Festival held in April–May every year.

Eligibility and judging

The award is open to all building works, completed in the past three years, having positive conservation outcomes. Conservation includes any of the following approaches: 

- Preservation
- Restoration
- Reconstruction
- Adaptation
- Interpretation

Works can be large or small, private or public, but the judges will be looking for thoughtful and innovative outcomes.

The three-person judging panel may include: a heritage specialist, a member of a local heritage society and a conservation architect.

Inner West Urban Photography Competition

The Inner West Urban Photography Competition is open to people of all ages and abilities, and encourages people to engage with the Inner West Council urban landscape.

Eligibility and judging

Inner West Urban Photography Competition images must in some way feature, reference or comment on heritage attributes of our built environment within the Inner West Council local government area.

The municipality is full of uniquely interesting places, spaces, and details which may evoke strong emotive responses.

The competition specifically seeks a contemporary perspective on the layers of urban fabric around us.

The judging panel may include two or more of the following judges: a photographic teacher or curator, Council's Cultural or Heritage Advisor, a member of the local heritage societies, a commercial photographer or head of photography, and/or an LRAC member.

The Built Environment Awards are part of the National Trust’s 2022 Australian Heritage Festival which runs throughout April and May.

Additional information about the Heritage Festival can be found at the National Trust website.

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