Dockless bike share

Dockless Bike Share 

Dockless bike share allows you to access a bike through a smartphone app. 

Bikes can be picked up and dropped off almost anywhere and can be used for one-way or return trips.  

To get on a bike you need to sign up with one of the operators. You can then use a smartphone app to locate a bike as well as to unlock the bike. 

You need to wear a helmet and obey by NSW road rules.

Reporting abandoned or broken bikes

Please report any bikes which are abandoned or broken or blocking the footpath to the relevant bike share company. Currently there is only one bike share company operating in Sydney - Lime Bikes. You can contact Lime Bikes on 1800 861 305.  For bikes found in canals or waterways, report to Sydney Water online or call 13 20 90.

In 2018 the NSW Government created laws which require operators to collect bikes. Anyone can report a bike causing an obstruction or safety risk. Once notified, the share bike operator must move a bike within three hours if it is causing an obstruction or safety risk, and four days if has been in the same place for more than one week. You can see more information about the shared bikes laws at the Office of Local Government website.

Damage to private property

If you believe that a Lime dockless vehicle has caused damage to your private property, please directly contact Lime on:

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Page last updated: 25 Jul 2024