Bays Taskforce Report – Recommendations for the Land

 The recommendations for the land of the Bays Precinct Taskforce Report are:

Public ownership

1. Publicly owned foreshore lands and harbour waters be retained in public ownership.

Planning Framework

2. Retain Sydney Harbour REP, SREP 26, Sydney LEP 2005, and the adopted Master Plans, as the key planning instruments for management of development in the Bays Precinct waterways and lands.

3. The strategic planning principles for the Bays Precinct developed by the Taskforce be adopted and applied to decision-making in the Bays Precinct.

4. Where the Government’s current review of the planning system may repeal SRE P 26 and Sydney Harbour RE P, the aims and objectives, and land use controls of these policies, and including the strategic planning principles developed by the Taskforce should be retained in new state, regional or local planning instruments.

5. The land use framework for the Bays Precinct be reviewed periodically in line with Metropolitan Planning Policy review.

Lease Periods

6. Decisions in regard to new lease periods for commercial use of lands and waterways be reflective of the type of land uses, commercial and operational risk, capital investment, and any contribution of a proposal to the delivery of public benefits. The process for making all leasing decisions should be consistent with government policy on process and probity.

7. New lease periods be limited to a maximum of 30 years. Any proposal for a lease in excess of 30 years include independent review and commercial advice, and be subject to Ministerial approval. Glebe Island and White Bay

8. Glebe Island and White Bay continue to be used for commercial port and maritime related purposes, including cruise facilities, bulk trade and a variety of intermittent operational and land/water interface uses, and operate having regard to their location in central Sydney and proximity to adjacent local communities.

9. Development of a new dedicated port access road to service port needs at Glebe Island and White Bay and to provide access to the White Bay Power Station be supported.

White Bay Power Station

10. The adaptive reuse of the White Bay Power Station for mixed use, providing commercial, community, and educational purposes be pursued as a matter of priority, with careful consideration that redevelopment not conflict with or compromise ongoing flexibility in port and maritime operations.

11. NSW Government investigate and test development scenarios for the White Bay Power Station Site, including adjacent lands extending to the foreshore, in consultation with the local councils, the NSW Heritage Office and the private sector.

Rozelle Rail Yards

12. Protect Rozelle Rail Yards as a significant asset for delivery of future regional transport requirements.

13. When future transport requirements at Rozelle Rail Yards are clarified, the NSW Government, in consultation with Leichhardt Council, investigate and test opportunities for mixed use development within the Rozelle Rail Yards, providing recreation, commercial and residential uses that integrate surrounding communities.

Rozelle Bay

14. Rozelle Bay continue development for recreational, commercial and industrial boating, tourism, and maritime operational purposes.

Blackwattle Bay

15. Blackwattle Bay continue development for maritime, commercial and recreational boating, and tourism purposes.

16. NSW Government investigate the opportunity to relocate the bulk aggregate terminal and concrete batching operations at Blackwattle Bay to Glebe Island, in consultation with both local councils, recognising the potential benefits to Blackwattle Bay and the need to address potential impacts of these operations on Glebe Island on the surrounding local communities.

17. Where relocation of the bulk terminal and concrete batching plant may be achieved the NSW Government investigate and test urban renewal scenarios for the Blackwattle Bay precinct in consultation with the local councils and community.

Public Access and Public Domain

18. NSW Government investigate potential opportunities and priorities for increased public access to operational port and maritime sites within the Bays Precinct, in consultation with the site operators, both local councils and the local community, and prepare an implementation plan for delivery over the short, medium and long term.

19. NSW Government, in consultation with local councils and site operators, review the protocols for managing the connectivity to, and interfaces with, adjoining uses - including matters of operational best practice, landscape treatments, fencing, amenity, lighting and view corridors.

Traffic and Transport

20. An integrated traffic and transport plan for the Precinct be prepared to guide future development associated with urban renewal initiatives.

21. The two portals between Rozelle Rail Yards and White Bay under Victoria Road be retained as a potential active transport corridor to service future increases in transport demands of the Precinct.

22. NSW Government undertake a comprehensive analysis of the costs and transport access benefits of retaining versus removing the Glebe Island Bridge infrastructure, having regard to future development scenarios, in consultation with the key stakeholders, both local councils, and including independent specialist advice.

Development for New and Alternate Uses

23. Encourage new development within the Bays Precinct that can co-locate with ongoing port and maritime uses, to provide for the needs of Sydney as a global city and the needs of the adjacent communities.

24. Rezoning of lands within and surrounding the Bays Precinct for residential uses not be supported, where the introduction of new residential development would compromise flexibility and operation of the deep water berths for commercial port and maritime uses over the long term.

25. Any future proposal for residential development as a minor component of urban renewal must be carefully considered, in respect of its impact on the long-term flexibility in port and maritime operations or public open space uses.

26. Any future residential development in the Bays Precinct should include a component of affordable rental housing consistent with NSW Government policy.

The Waterways

27. The continued use of the waterways for a variety of commercial and recreational activities be supported.

28. NSW Government prepare a waterway management plan for Blackwattle Bay and Rozelle Bay in consultation with local councils, the waterways users, stakeholders and the community to build on current boat safety plans to provide for equitable use of the waterway by all user groups, guide on water infrastructure locations, and minimise the risk of mobilisation of contaminated sediments by vessels.

29. Development of additional public boat ramps and improved commercial and recreational boating facilities to improve direct access to the Sydney Harbour waterways for local community, residents of Sydney and NSW, and international tourists be supported and potential new facilities be investigated in the preparation of the water management plan.

30. On-water development for marinas, moorings and other structures in the waterway be managed to ensure both commercial and recreational boating opportunities and foreshore access are not compromised.

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