Route D3 Iron Cove to Anzac Bridge

  • Project address: Lilyfield Road between Iron Cove and Anzac Bridge, Rozelle/Lilyfield
  • Project Objective:

          Inner West Council has the following primary objectives for this project:
    • respect the communities along the route;
    • generally, satisfy relevant standards and guidelines for cycleways;
    • respond to feedback received from community and stakeholder engagement processes;
    • consider heritage issues;
    • minimise and, where possible, replace any loss of on-street parking;
    • cater for cyclists of all ages and abilities;
    • achieve good connectivity to the existing and proposed pedestrian and cyclist facilities linking to the proposed cycleway;
    • ensure opportunities for ease of connection to a future cycleway through the Rozelle Railyards are incorporated into the design with minimal future modification of the proposed cycleway;
    • integrate with other strategies and proposals affecting or adjacent the route;
    • obtain all required approvals from landowners, authorities, utilities and service providers;
    • minimise additional traffic travelling time and congestion in the area. Avoid infiltration of any diverted/ re-routed traffic into minor residential streets;
    • maintain access to property frontages, property functions, and driveways;
    • minimise impacts on the natural ecosystem, heritage features, and existing utilities;
    • provide a safe, enjoyable, and interesting cycleway that is responsive and integrated with the streetscape;
    • develop a simple and unified range of construction elements and landscape features that are easily maintained;
    • respond to the outcomes of previous community and stakeholder engagement and resolutions of the Local Traffic Committee meeting and Council and
    • prepare detailed design plans, cost estimates and construction set-out files for the works (Future Stage).
  • Project description: 

    To undertake a feasibility study, concept design and detailed design for Route D3, Iron Cove to Anzac Bridge, Rozelle (Lilyfield Rd) cycleway. The project involves feasibility investigation work on a number of options for the cycleway along Lilyfield Road.

    With Council proposing to upgrade cycle facilities in Rozelle and along Lilyfield Rd, previous investigations and community engagements resulted in the concept option put forward by Council being largely rejected by the community. As a result, Council has re-engaged with the community to seek feedback on a number of alternatives so that Council can progress with an option that the community support.

    The adopted option to move forward along Lilyfield Rd, is the provision of an on-road cycle facility, comprising cycle lanes on sections with an uphill gradient and a mixed traffic profile where cyclists share the traffic lane with vehicles on downhill sections.

    • Two Public Meetings were completed to set the way forward.
    • Draft Concept Design for Cycleway between Iron Cove and Anzac Bridge is nearing completion and almost ready for future consultation.
    • The concept design was put on hold, due to COVID meeting restrictions and the design and completion of the Rozelle Parklands.
    • The concept design, has been further developed with the design for the WestConnex (WCX) Rozelle Parklands Design. Several car spaces will be lost.
    • Traffic calming is planned near the entrances to the new Rozelle Parklands.
    • Construction should commence late in 2024, subject to TfNSW Funding.

Expected completion date: includes construction 2025

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  • Map showing scope of works

Route D3 Iron Cove to Anzac Bridge, Rozelle Regional Cycleway-  Scope of works

  • Rozelle Cycleway Map

 Map Rozelle showing cycle way 3 Alt Text*



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