Dulwich Hill Station Precinct Public Domain Improvements Project

Construction updates

Project details

Project address

Wardell Rd between Ewart St and Wilga Avenue Dulwich Hill 


The Inner West Council has been funded to upgrade the Public Domain near the Dulwich Hill Station. The objective of the project is to reverse the current urban decay and deliver liveable communities and neighbourhood by providing a cohesive design surrounding the Dulwich Hill Station.

The project will deliver, a high quality multi-use corridor that will maximise connections to public transportation  and improve the amenities available for use to the public.

Project description

The proposed improvement program can be categorised into 5 main tasks:

  1. Streetscape upgrades including tree planting, multi-purpose lighting, new pavements and improved pedestrian and cyclist movements.
  2. Environmental sustainability using LED lighting, and providing shading and street trees.
  3. Creation of new plaza. Connection to the Greenway.
  4. New walking and cycling links to key transportation nodes and open spaces. These will strategically  connect local and regional transportation networks.
  5. Traffic Calming and the creation of a 40Km/hr High Pedestrian Zone.


  • Concept design complete
  • Detailed design complete
  • Tender documents are complete, and tender closed 2 May 2022
  • Underground electrical works design complete
  • Street light design is complete
  • Public Meeting and further consultation completed May/June 2022
  • Works are substantially completed     

Timing of works

The Inner West Council continues to progress with the upgrade to the public domain within the Dulwich Hill Station precinct. We wrote to you in April 2023 providing a construction update noting a completion date of July 2023 which was subject to weather and third-party approvals.

Since this time, we have completed the majority of works north and south of the Station on Wardell Road, however we still have encountered further issues with service works and issues. Ausgrid Works are complete north of station bridge (excl pole removal). All raised thresholds are completed. Architectural seating walls have been installed. Dudley Street Traffic Control Signal Works have been installed and will be activated once the power is turned on.

In this regard, Ausgrid related network shutdowns scheduled for February and March were cancelled and have led to further time extensions to complete the underground power related works. With the Ausgrid outage now scheduled for 17th July the overhead wires from Dudley Street to Ewart Street (north) will be removed with a further outage on the 31st July. The new multi -function poles will be installed early in August.
Further two outages have not been secured by Ausgrid.

The intersection of Wardell/Dudley is complete, but the Traffic Signals have not been activated.
The works are now anticipated for completion for the end of August 2023, weather permitting and conditional on the completion of remaining services works including NBN relocations to properties north of the train station.


Remaining works

The remaining works are largely focused on the completing the undergrounding of services, north of the train station and to the south in Ewart Street.

Overhead OPTUS and NBN services on Wardell Road north of the train station are required to be relocated under-ground to allow the removal of the timber poles in this area. Council is working with OPTUS and NBN currently on the planning for these works and all directly impacted property owners/occupiers will be contacted separately about this shortly.

The Mill and re-sheet of the pavement on Ewart Street is programmed for the 12 July.
Linemarking of Ewart Street intersection is scheduled for the 18th July.

Sydney Trains will shutdown nearly every weekend, until further notice. Buses to replace the trains will depart from Ewart Street. TfNSW to advise community accordingly.

Expected completion date

August 2023


The project is funded by Inner West Council, Transport for NSW and the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.


Progress photos - Dudley Street

DH Pots re-levelled-230518



Dudley St Station works

Dudley St footpath widening

Progress photos - Wardell Road




Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Streetscape improvement works in progress

Wardell Rd Works Aug 22

Wardell Rd Traffic Calming WIP

Pre-work photos

Wardell Road - going North near station and ped crossing

Wardell Road near Station intersection

Dulwich Hill intersection Ewart and Wardell

Concept pictures

Last updated 11/11/21.

Concept Picture Dulwich Hill Train station

Concept Picture - Dulwich Hill Train station 

Dulwich Hill concept picture Keith and Wardell Road

Concept picture: Dulwich Hill train station at the Keith/Wardell Road Intersection

Concept diagram and plan

Dulwich Hill Concept Diagram

Wardell Road Concept Diagram

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