Dawn Fraser Baths upgrade

Dawn Fraser Baths re-opens via booking
Wednesday 8 September

We are pleased to announce that the Dawn Fraser Baths will reopen to the public for exercise purposes only from Wednesday, 8 September 2021.

Bookings are essential and available in one hour window periods.

Find out more about making a booking 


The Dawn Fraser Baths is home to the oldest water polo and swimming club in Australia and the Baths is listed as a nationally significant heritage item. Inner West Council is proud to stand as the custodian of this much-loved community asset and is fully committed to the Baths' progressive conservation. 

Latest News

Council will undertake additional improvements at the recently upgraded baths in 2022-2023.

Proposed works include:

  • refurbishment of the northern pavilion
  • accessible pool entry facilities and
  • planning for long term access improvements to the baths’ entry from the surrounding streets and Elkington Park


  • Northern pavilion structural report completed
  • The access consultant has been appointed and the holist access audit of the Baths completed.
  • The recommendations from the report are being included for consideration in the revised Elkington Pk Plan of Management - completed.
  • Revised concept designs, which included suggestions from the community engagement session, where presented to the IWC Access Advisory Committee for comment - completed
  • Two concept design options were shortlisted -completed.
  • Architectural and relevant sub-consultants are being procured for the preparation of the designs.
  • Planning, heritage and engineering consultants have been appointed for the preparation and submission of the Integrated Development Application (IDA)
  • Procurement for architectural services for the detailed design is to commence.
  • Preferred concept design selected and priced by QS
  • Detail timber structure report completed.
  • Procurement for architectural services to start shortly


Budget: $600k

Completion Date: October 2024

Contact: David Di Biase (02) 9392 5946,  david.di.biase@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Dawn Fraser - BoardwalkDawn Fraser - Boardwalk entry

2020-2021 Project details

The works included:

  • Raising boardwalks and ground floor levels of the Entry Building and Southern Pavilion
  • Demolition and reconstruction of the Southern Pavilion at the new raised ground level
  • Retention, alteration and repair of the Entry Building to the Southern Pavilion
  • Installation of new solar panels to the Northern Pavilion and four water polo lights
  • Installation of fire sprinkler system and emergency upgrades
  • Associated alterations to the perimeter paths, seawalls and eastern perimeter entry

Council is spending approximately $6 million and also successfully obtained a $2.2 million grant from the NSW Government and a $500,000 grant from the Commonwealth Government to fund the heritage upgrade.

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