22-23 Stormwater Renewal & Upgrade Program

Project description

Council undertakes an annual program to renew and enhance existing stormwater infrastructure across the Local Government Area. The program involves the following work types: 

The Stormwater Renewal/Upgrade Program involves the following work types:

  • Pipe relining which involves repairing cracked or broken pipes from the inside, without digging.  This creates a new, durable pipe inside the existing damaged pipe promoting better flow and sealing off cracks.
  • Replacement of aged items that are still performing adequately at their current size and design.
  • Upgrades to replace a pipeline with a larger size or a new service that did not exist previously. Generally these improvements are undertaken to address localised flooding or to implement flood plain management plan recommendations.
  • Upgrades designed to improve water quality within local catchments and water ways. These include gross pollutant traps and bioretention systems.

Expected Completion Date

June 2023


These programs are funded by Inner West Council

  • Stormwater Renewal - $1.4m
  • Stormwater Upgrade - $2.7m


Alistair Hyde Page, (02) 9392 5262,  alistair.hyde.page@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Christine Phillips,  (02)9392 5644, chrisine.phillips@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Imad Alaloul, (02) 9392 5263, Imad.alaloul@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Mark Bye, (02) 9392 5158,  mark.bye@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Predrag Gudelj, (02) 9392 5801, predrag.gudelj@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Paul Lunnis, (02) 8595 2423, paul.lunniss@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

For all other enquiries about stormwater infrastructure at other locations contact Inner West Council on 9392 5000 or email council@innerwest.nsw.gov.au


Community notifications will be provided to adjoining residents to comment on stormwater upgrade designs (where relevant), and to advise of works commencing in each location. Copies of notifications are provided in the table below.

Location and Status

Progress legend

On track Green: On track
Behind schedule Amber: Behind schedule
On hold Red: On hold
Rescheduled Blue: Rescheduled
Completed Purple: Completed

Suburb Location Program/Type of work Anticipated completion Status Progress Further information
 Annandale Albion St Stormwater Drainage Upgrade Mar 2023 Commencing  On track Albion Street notification (PDF 770.8KB)
Annandale Albion St / Young St Stormwater Upgrade Pipeline Replace Dec 2022 Procurement On track  
Annandale  Annandale St/ Albion St Stormwater Upgrade Dec 2022 Procurement On track  
Annandale  Chester St  Stormwater Renewal  22-23 Fin Year  Planning  On track Imad A
Annandale Ferris St Pipeline Rehabilitation Renewal Jun 2022 Completed Completed Ferris Street notification (PDF 879.3KB)
Ashbury Holden St at Princess St  Stormwater Upgrade Jun 2022 Completed Completed  
Ashfield  Elizabeth St Stormwater Renewal  Dec 2022 Procurement On track  
Balmain  Glassop Street Stormwater Renewal 22-23 Fin Year Planning  On track   
Birchgrove Louisa Rd
Stormwater Renewal Dec 2022   Procurement On track  Outlet Replacement 
Camperdown Cahill Street
Stormwater Renewal   22-23 Fin Year  Planning On track   
Camperdown Fowler Lane Stormwater Renewal   22-23 Fin Year  Planning On track   
 Dulwich Hill Beauchamp Street Stormwater Renewal  Jun 2023 Planning  On hold Reline Pipeline 
 Dulwich Hill

Pigott Street

Hill Street

Davies Street

Stormwater Renewal Pipe Reline Jun 2022 Completed Completed
Pigott Street notification (PDF 868.8KB)
Haberfield Rawson Street  Stormwater Renewal  Jun 2023  Planning On track
Pipeline replacement 
Haberfield  Richard Murden Reserve  Stormwater Renewal  Jun 2023  Procurement On track  Pipeline replacement
Leichhardt Cromwell Street Upgrade Drainage Jul  2022 Completed Completed Cromwell Street notification (PDF 196.3KB)
Leichhardt  Elswick Street Upgrade Drainage Jul  2022 Completed Completed   Elswick Street notification (PDF 196.3KB)
Leichhardt  Hill St, John St  Stormwater Renewal   22-23 Fin Year  Completed On track  Hill Street notification (PDF 169.9KB)
Leichhardt Marlborough Street Stormwater Renewal Jul  2022 Completed Completed    Marlborough Street notification (PDF 196.3KB)
Lilyfield  O'Neil Street Stormwater drainage
Kerb and gutter
Jun 2022 Engagement On track   Consultation letter  (PDF 266.8KB)
Consultation plan (PDF 747.7KB) 
Marrickville Addison Road Community Centre Stormwater Upgrade - Rain Garden Aug 2022 Completed Completed

Addison Road Bio Pond Project Page

Marrickville Henson Park Grandstand Drainage  Stormwater Upgrade Dec 2022   On track  

Henson Park Project page

Marrickville No 1 Hill St Stormwater Upgrade   22-23 Fin Year Planning  On track    
Marrickville  Petersham Rd Stormwater Renewal     On track SW Replacement and Extension
Petersham  Miller Street Stormwater Renewal Dec 2022 Design On track     
Rozelle Foucart St
Stormwater Renewal Dec 2022 Procurement On track    Pipe Reline
Rozelle Llewellyn St Stormwater Renewal  22-23 Fin Year Planning On track    Drainage Improvements

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