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Upcoming Council Meetings for 2017                      

      • 21 November 2017  260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield
      • 12 December 2017  260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield

** Live streaming of Council meetings **

In the spirit of open, accessible and transparent government, the Council meetings of Inner West Council will be streamed live on Council’s website. The camera will be positioned on the Mayor and Council Staff and will not be focused on the public. By speaking at a Council meeting, members of the public agree to being recorded and must ensure their speech to the Council is respectful and use appropriate language. A person who uses defamatory, discriminatory or offensive language may be exposed to liability for which Council takes no responsibility. Any part of the meeting that is held in closed session will not be recorded.

Webcasts of previous meetings

31 October 2017 Extraordinary Council Webcast 

24 October 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast 

12 October 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

3 October 2017 Extraordinary Council Webcast

25 July 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

27 June 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

23 May 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

26 April 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

28 March 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

28 February 2017 Ordinary Council Webcast

6 December 2016 Ordinary Council Webcast

Pre-registration to speak at Council Meetings

Council is encouraging members of the public to pre-register their interest to speak at Council Meetings as the Meeting venues have a maximum number they can hold. Members of the public can pre-register up until 2pm of the day of the Meeting.

If you wish to register your interest please fill in the register to speak form here including:

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Item on the Agenda you wish to speak to
  • Whether you are for or against the recommendation in the agenda

Members of the public who pre-register will be asked to show photo ID upon entry to verify the pre-registration application.

What happens after I submit the form?

Your request will then be added to a list that is shown to the Chairperson on the night of the meeting.

Are there any rules for speaking at a Council or Committee Meeting?

The following rules apply when addressing a Council or Committee meeting:

  • Keep your address to the point, the time allowed for each speaker is limited to three minutes with one extension of not more than three minutes with the approval of the Council/Committee. This time limit applies, no matter how many items are addressed by the speaker
  • When addressing the Meeting you must speak to the Chairperson
  • The Chairperson may curtail public participation where the information being presented is considered repetitive or irrelevant

Where items are deferred, Council reserves the right to defer speakers until that Item is heard on the next occasion.


Inner West Council is committed to ensuring people with a disability have equal opportunity to take part in Council and Committee Meetings. If you have any access or disability related participation needs and wish to know more ring 9392 5657.


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