The Polly's Club

The Polly's Club is one of our ongoing successful partnerships.  

The Polly’s Club used their Inner West Council grant to fund their March 2020 dance at Marrickville Town Hall.

The target audience is the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies but the dance is attended by people from this group from all over Sydney but predominately those living in the Inner West

The event is not specifically targeted at a particular age, sex or cultural background. It is open to all to show support and respect for those attending.

Benefits to our community

The Polly's dances provide:

  • A safe and friendly environment for the LGBTIQ+A to connect with other members of their community. and their allies.
  • A place for members of the LGBTIQ+A to connect with other members of their community.
  • A place for older LGBTIQ+A people to feel included. Many are at a stage of life where they have lost partners and family and look forward to the Pollys dances
  • A welcome environment where LGBTIQ+A people can safely be themselves. Many of our elderly patrons have grown up spending the majority of their lives “in the closet” due to homosexuality having been against the law.
  • An integral part of many LGBTIQ+A people’s social life.
  • An opportunity to mix with like minded people in a casual, safe and friendly setting without having to travel far to attend.


Find out more at the Polly's Club website 

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Page last updated: 24 Feb 2021