The Amy Large Volunteer Awards

A great congratulations to all of the nominees of the 2024 Amy Large Awards. We acknowledge and appreciate the work that you all do in the Inner West Community.

Discover more about all the nominees for this year's Awards via the 2024 Community Awards digital presentation.

Young Volunteer

Ebony Lagarez

Ebony has volunteered at Reception for the Asylum Seekers Centre for the past two years, and her compassion and determination to help refugees at the Centre is admirable and an inspiration to us all. She is now undertaking a Bachelor of Social Work so that she can continue to promote social change and enhance the wellbeing of others, volunteering still in a range of capacities where possible. 

Audrey Storer

Audrey is a co-founder and leader of the Addiroad Youth Collective. She has used her position to mobilise and organise youth under the age of 18 to participate in giving back to the community. She has supported and worked tirelessly on hamper making and providing entertainment to the 300+ residents of the Inner West who gather at Addi Road to make special Christmas Hampers. Her vision for Addi Rock extends beyond music, aiming to create an inclusive space where attendees can interact, learn about Addi Road's community initiatives, and forge lasting friendships.

Brendan Couley-Mehigan

Brendan Couley-Mehigan is an outstanding young person with strong leadership qualities and a commitment to contribute to our local community through his exemplary volunteer work, dedication to the Air Force Cadets, and commitment to St John's First Aid duties. As a high school student, Brendan has consistently demonstrated remarkable leadership skills, commitment, and a genuine desire to serve others. Whether it's assisting at local events on First Aid duties, organising mental health awareness initiatives at school, or participating in Peer Support, Lead Flag Monitor and supports the schools Remembrance Day Assembly. 

Matthew Vasic

Since 2020, Matthew has volunteered at the Exodus Foundation. The Exodus Foundation is a vital support service for homeless and disadvantaged people in the Inner West. Matthew continues to work in a frontline capacity serving customers food as well as assisting the catering staff with meal preparation. Due to his commitment for the foundation's charitable cause, Matthew ran the 2023 Sydney Marathon in order to raise money for Exodus, and then completed the 28km Cancer Council 7 Bridges Walk one-month later. Additionally, his efforts in organising Serbian community initiatives culminated this month when 70,000 people attended the annual Serbian Festival Sydney: the largest Serbian cultural festival outside of Europe.