Citizen of the Year

The Inner West Council Citizen, Senior Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Awards aim to recognise outstanding contributions from individuals within the inner west community.

2021 Inner West Council Citizens of the Year

Inner West Council Citizen of the Year 2021

ALVACOTY21 Chrys Meader

Chrys Meader is Inner West Council's Citizen of the Year 2021

Chrys Meader for her commitment to the power of social history. Chrys is a historian, librarian, archivist, published author, educator and speaker. Her knowledge, expertise and passion for history, particularly of the Inner West is unrivalled and passionate. Chrys has provided services above and beyond in her work with encyclopaedic knowledge at her immediate disposal


Inner West Council Young Citizen of the Year 2021

COTYALVA21 Katrina Ikonomou

Katrina Ikonomou is Inner West Council’s 2021 Young Citizen of the Year

Katrina Ikonomou for her tireless work as an Indigenous Social Worker at Gunnawirra Mums to provide opportunities and services to local young women and children. Katrina foes above and beyond to find programs, activities and services outside of Gunnawirra to strengthen the cultural identity and resolve of community. Katrina has provided mums and bubs with a broader cultural and emotional support network that is rarely seen across the Inner West. This Award recognises Katrina's efforts to engage and connect clients to elders and cultural programs, strengthen cultural identities and knowledge, collaborate with services and the wider sector to close the gap, and provide a platform for intergenerational learning and healing.


Inner West Council Senior Citizen of the Year 2021

Joint Winners Pei Qun Guo & Teresa Savage are the Inner West Council's Senior Citizens of the Year 2021

COTYALVA21 Pei  Qun Guo CASS Logo

Pei Qun Guo

Pei Qun Guo for remarkable contribution as a member of the Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS) Ashfield Environmental Group since 2000. The Group was formed in 1999, led my Pei Qun, with members cleaning up the main street of Ashfield and the mall on a weekly basis. Pei Qun also leads the group of over 30 members to participate in Council’s Multicultural Festivals, CASS Charity Dinner and CASS Charity Walk.


COTYALVA21 Teresa Savage

Teresa Savage

Teresa Savage for her immense work for the LGBTIQ, women, youth, young families and aging communities. Teresa has been a pioneer, activist and a strong and supportive voice for all humans, animals and the environment. Teresa has provided a vast amount of time, energy, enthusiasm, ideas and an inclusive approach to the residents of our Inner West community. Teresa's achievements including helping found Council's LGBTIQ Working Group in 2011, founding Savage Marsden Giving Program, 55Upitty and BlueStocking ThinkTank, plus acting as a mentor and ambassador for various foundations and programs.




2020 Inner West Council Citizens of the Year

Inner West Council Citizen of the Year 2020

Woman with fair skin and long blonde hair wearing an emerald green blouse in front of a street scape
Roxanne McMurray is Inner West Council’s 2020 Citizen of the Year

Roxanne is an active supporter and advocate of women experiencing domestic and family violence. She has worked at Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre for 25 years with the last 18 years as Manager. She has been on the Board of Detour House and The Girls Refuge for the past six years and in 2014 formed SOS Women’s Services with a group of local women to advocate (successfully) against the closure of the women’s and girls’ refuges in the inner city.

Through the formation of SOS Women's Services:

  • They successfully lobbied for all refuges to have their funding extended until 2020 to allow the sector to rebuild
  • Helped to secure $20 million in additional funding to assist with the expansion of 24 hour services across NSW
  • Retention of a specialist domestic violence caseworker at the Family Court with the support of the Chief Justice
  • Establishment of the Service Support Fund which ensured a further 14 women’s refuges are funded
  • Restoration of funding to homelessness services in inner Sydney, including preventing the closure of the city’s women’s refuges
  • Securing essential funding for mandatory pay increases for staff at Sydney's girls refuges.

Roxanne has  been an active member of the Board of Detour House and the Girls Refuge, and continues to advocate on behalf of women experiencing Domestic and Family Violence.

Woman with tanned skin and long black hair wearing a black singlet and jeans crouching in a natural setting hugging a blonde coloured dog
Honourable Mention for Citizen of the Year, Eleftheria Prodromou

Ellie’s devotion to all animals and to her charity is unparalleled. Almost singlehandedly, she has developed the Penny Marathon and tended to its growth via an expanding schedule of markets and public events. Although she has had a full-time job as editor and senior journalist since 2010, all her free time is devoted to the animal charity ‘Penny Marathon’. In doing so, she has raised much-needed funds and awareness for animal welfare and demonstrated practical compassion to community members of all ages.

Penny Marathon has been actively working in Australia since 2012 and has contributed significantly to the animal community by demonstrating active concern for the rights, welfare, well-being and/or advancement of companion animals. Her commitment and tireless work have benefited hundreds of stray cats and dogs who have been spayed, medically treated, fed and/or rehomed. Penny Marathon also financially assists local animal charities that may be struggling due to an excessive number of pets in need of help. Desexing, fostering and rehoming are additional services provided by Penny Marathon to our local community and beyond.

Ms Prodromou is also a strong advocate for recycling and repurposing goods and for healthy living. The PM market stores, supported by Reverse Garbage, retail items including pet bandanas made from material scraps, pompoms made from unwanted wool, and baskets woven from reclaimed council banners, to name just a few. These innovations raise funds for animals in need, while helping the local community to see unwanted material in a new way.

Image credit: Jo Lyons Photography

Inner West Council Young Citizen of the Year 2020

Young man with tanned skin, dark features and dark hair wearing a blue button up shirt in a natural setting
Daniel Lahood is Inner West Council’s 2020 Young Citizen of the Year

Daniel is a young man who is a passionate advocate for social justice in the Inner west and helps make significant connections between members of our community through intergenerational activities such as Neighbour Aid Shopping, serving in his local church and as a prefect at ABHS (Ashfield Boys High School).

As the 1,000th Scholarship recipient, and a 2019 recipient of the Jeff Shaw Unions NSW Scholar, Daniel was a guest speaker for the Public Education Foundation Presentation Night on May 15th 2019 at the Sydney Town Hall. He received the School Leader Recognition award from Jo Haylen MP in 2018. He was also the recipient of the Amy Large Youth Volunteering Award from the Inner West Council in the same year.

Daniel's passion for studying law has allowed him to be chosen for various opportunities, including being selected to spend the day at the Supreme Court of NSW as an associate for Her Honour Judge Julia Lonergan SC.

Inner West Council Senior Citizens of the Year 2020

Joint Winners Simon Chapman & Peggy Lane are the Inner West Council's Senior Citizens of the Year 2020

Simon ChapmanMan with fair skin and short grey hair wearing a black button up shirt and black leather jacket leaning on a pile of books placed on a polished timber table in front of a large bookcase filled with books

Professor Simon Chapman, is a highly respected Australian academic and health activist.

Most recently, his brainchild, a festival in which all musicians perform free, became reality with the first St.Anmore Festival of Music taking place in November 2019. In 2016, he suggested to his neighbour Richard Gill AO, a renowned Sydney musical identity, that their shared suburb of Stanmore might be a great place to pilot an Australian Festival of Music, inspired by the French Fete de la Musique.

He always steps forward to serve on boards and work with community organisations from the Cancer Council, to Gun Control, and even the Australian Koi Association. He was Professor in Public Health at the University of Sydney, a sociologist whose PhD examined the semiotics of cigarette advertising, and has authored 17 books and major reports, 281 papers and 150 letters and commentaries in peer reviewed journals. Chapman is a regular writer on public health matters in leading Australian newspapers, having written over 200 opinion page and journalistic articles since 1981. He teaches annual courses in Public Health Advocacy and Tobacco Control in the University of Sydney's MPH program.

Image Credit: Tim Levy


Peggy LaneWoman with fair skin and grey hair pulled back wearing a white and black zippered jumper

Peggy’s impact and influence on the community of Marrickville is immeasurable. After 45 years at SDN Marrickville she has taught and cared for thousands of members of our community. She has imparted her humour and wisdom to hundreds of families. Peggy holds a deep knowledge of our community, remembering times different from now. She has supported so many parents in her time, and helped so many young people.

Peggy had no childcare qualifications when she began her career, but patience and kindness for all the children of our community. Over all those years, Mrs Lane has never tired of children. She doesn't mind the tantrums, the nappies or the squabbles. "Children never bother me, no matter what their behaviour, or what they're about," she said. "[Grown up] people do."

Even after 45 years as a dedicated member of the SDN staff, Peggy still wants to give back to the community by volunteering after her retirement. Peggy plans to continue caring for children at hospitals or through library programs.


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