Business Environment Awards

The Inner West Business Environment Awards recognise the contributions made by our local businesses to become more sustainable.

The 2017 Inner West Business Environment Awards were held on Wednesday 29 November at Camperdown Commons. Our guest speaker was Laura Dalrymple, Co-founder of Feather and Bone. Butcher, provedore and purveyor of ethical and sustainable meat, Feather and Bone are innovators when it comes to sourcing whole, pasture-raised livestock directly from farms committed to sustainable soil, plant and animal health.

More than 20 local businesses were recognised as winners or finalists in six award categories. Congratulations to our 2017 winners and finalists!

2017 Winners and Finalists

BEA2017-RethinkWasteAward- Cornersmith-400pxRethink Waste

For avoiding, reducing, reusing and recycling waste.


For applying a sustainable, waste-free ethos to their business practice. Through media and face-to-face engagement, Cornersmith actively upskill and influence thousands of people and organisations.


BEA2017-EnergySmartAward-YoungHenrys-400pxEnergy Smart

For energy efficiency of gas and electricity and renewable energy.


For its outstanding community solar project with Pingala which sets a new direction for local ownership of solar generation in the inner west. Young Henrys is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint through high efficiency brewing systems and reducing their ‘keg miles’ through Kegstar.


BEA2017-CommunityLeadershipAward-ReverseGarbage-400pxCommunity Leadership

For taking leadership on community and social issues.


For its leading role in community sustainability and collaborating with over 35 groups. Their Sponsorship and Partnership program provided $25,000 worth of practical support to 60 deserving projects this year. By connecting communities, Reverse Garbage fosters a culture of trust and sharing in the Inner West.


BEA2017-BeyondOurFourWalls-YoungHenrys-400pxBeyond our Four Walls

For influencing supply chains for sustainable outcomes.


For being an influential advocate for sustainable brewing. Their participation in the innovative Kegstar program minimises waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Young Henrys actively seeks and invests in reusable products and services. By selling 17 000 reusable growlers and refills, they have prevented the production of nearly 100 000 stubby bottles. Every day, one tonne of spent grain from their brewing is diverted from landfill and used to feed animals, grow mushrooms and make pickles.


BEA2017-SustainableInnovationAward-PocketCityFarms-400pxSustainable Innovation Award

For exploring new and creative solutions to sustainability opportunities.


For its trail-blazing and highly visible project that has transformed an unused bowling green into a productive urban green space with 3 tonnes of food harvested this year. Their community food forest, compost bays, greenhouse, rescue chooks, and demonstration garden connects people with sustainable food systems and shares knowledge with a wide range of organisations.


BEA2017-SustainabilityLeadershipAward-ARCCO-400pxSustainability Leadership Award

For actions over a range of initiatives and taking a holistic view of sustainability.


For sustainability work that encompasses energy, water management, food waste reduction and urban forest management. Through strong partnerships, the centre ensures the success of innovative projects like the Food Pantry and Urban Habitat Tree. The Centre takes local practical action while also advocating at a wider community level on environmental and social issues.


For further information about the awards, contact Anne Abbott on 9392 5341 or email

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