Community Strategic Plan

The Inner West Community Strategic Plan (CSP) is called Our Inner West 2036.

The CSP identifies the community’s vision for the future, long-term goals, strategies to get there and how to measure progress towards that vision.


Our Inner West 2036 – Community Strategic Plan – Adopted June 2022 (PDF 5MB)

Our Inner West 2036:

  • Informs the strategic decision-making that will shape our future community and environment

  • Protects and enhances the community’s values and everything that makes Inner West unique

  • Paves the way for the future by anticipating change and the impacts of that change on the community, economy and environment

  • Achieves inclusivity, sustainability, accountability and innovation in service delivery

The development of Our Inner West 2036 involved thousands of people who participated through a series of engagement activities.

Working together

As a high-level vision for the community, Our Inner West 2036 includes both areas Council has direct control over and those which are the responsibility of other stakeholders - such as governments, state agencies, non-government organisations, community groups and individuals.

For Council, the CSP is the leading component of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. The framework is mandated for all NSW councils by the State Government. This requires councils to demonstrate how they will deliver aspects of the CSP through a detailed four year Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan.

Community Vision Statement

"We are Inner West, land of the Gadigal and Wangal peoples, whose rich cultures, heritage and history we acknowledge and respect. We are defined by our diversity of people, places and ideas. We are an inclusive, vibrant, caring and progressive community where everyone is welcome, people and nature live in harmony, and creativity is a way of life."

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