Land and property

Building Asset Management Plan (BAMP)

Land and Property Strategy (LAPS)

For all enquiries please contact:

Land and property requests

Michelle Perez, Property Officer

Land and property initiatives

Bojan Sodic, Strategic Investments Manager

Leasing and licencing requests

Please check Inner West Tenders and Quotations Online for current lease and/or licence opportunities that are longer than or equal to 12 months, for example office space for a community organisation.

For enquiries please contact Michelle Perez, Property Officer by email:

Easements and rights of way

An easement is a right over land that is granted for the benefit of other land or a public body, generally authorising access to and/or use of the land for a particular purpose. Easements can be created for a variety of purposes such as pedestrian or vehicular access, stormwater drainage, water and electricity supply and sewerage purposes.

For enquiries please email

Facilities help desk

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Page last updated: 15 Nov 2019