Renters' rights must be legislated immediately

Sunday, 24 March 2024

Media release
Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne

Today's revelations that almost 30,000 tenants have been subjected to no-grounds evictions in the past year shows that legislating new protections for renters should be the single highest priority of the NSW Parliament.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne is calling on the NSW Government to bring Parliament back from a 6-week break to legislate an end to no-grounds evictions immediately.

"The 30 per cent of NSW citizens who rent can't wait any longer for better protections," Byrne said.

"The parliament should be brought back into session this week to legislate an end to no-fault evictions.

"The Inner West is at the epicentre of the rental and housing affordability crisis and hundreds of local people are being forced out of their homes every month.

"So many young people and lower income families are fearful of losing their place in our community and they need the parliament to act right now.

"With about 28,000 tenants having been made to vacate their homes through no-grounds evictions in the past year alone this crisis is getting deeper by the day.

"Fixing this should be the highest priority of the NSW Parliament and there is no reason that these protections can't be legislated immediately.

"We are also calling for the new rental commissioner to be properly resourced to provide advice and assistance to the millions of tenants across NSW. At the moment they have no one to phone when they need information and advocacy.

"Inner West Council has also offered the NSW Government 10 Council-owned carparks and depots to be converted to public housing.

"The housing affordability crisis is so serious that we must all take responsibility for combatting it on multiple fronts."


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