NSW moving too slowly on rental reforms

Monday 19 February 2024



With the housing affordability and rental crisis deepening by the day, the NSW Government is not acting urgently enough to enact new renter’s rights and provide support to tenants.

Almost a year since the government was elected, their commitments to end no-fault evictions, strengthen legislative protections for renters, and introduce a portable bonds scheme have yet to be delivered.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that with rental costs going through the roof, the Government must act swiftly to support the 30 per cent of citizens who rent.

“More than six months after the legislation to create a portable rental bonds scheme was passed, the program has still not been set up.

“Similarly, the review of rental laws was completed last year and yet no legislation has been presented to the Parliament.

“Banning no-fault evictions should clearly have been delivered by now.

“With rental costs spiralling out of control, it’s frustrating that the NSW Government is not doing enough to counteract this through legislation and improved regulatory protections.

“It’s a good thing that the Rental Commissioner has been appointed. However, with no real resourcing provided to the Commissioner, tenants across NSW are still being left without the advocacy and advice that they need to understand their rights.

“Everyone knows that this housing affordability crisis is real, but it won’t be addressed systematically if the government moves at a snail’s pace in delivering new renter’s rights.”

Inner West Council is also calling on the Government to act more urgently to address housing supply and affordability, including:

  1. Replicating the Victorian Government's $5.3 billion investment in building 12,000 new public housing dwellings.
  2. Releasing the results of the Government’s long-awaited audit of lands on which housing can be provided.
  3. Commit to partnering with Council on our offer of 10 Council-owned carparks and depots to be converted to public housing.
  4. Consider establishing a state-controlled corporation to build homes and increase supply for the private sale and rental markets.


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