Mayor welcomes first sign of transparency on Rozelle Interchange

Friday 16 February 2024



Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has today welcomed the announcement by Roads Minister, John Graham, that travel time data for roads surrounding the Rozelle Interchange will now be made publicly available.

This is something that Mayor Byrne has been calling for since December.

The data will allow people in the Inner west and across Sydney to better plan their morning and afternoon commutes.

It will also provide an evidence base for whether mitigations are working and whether the functioning of the interchange is improving.

The online data will be published weekly on a Friday and will include travel times for,

  • Victoria Road from the Gladesville Bridge to Anzac Bridge
  • City West Link from Ramsay Street to ANZAC Bridge
  • Average weekly bus journey times for dedicated routes on Victoria Road

Mayor Byrne welcomed this concession while insisting that more needs to be done to mitigate the traffic problems affecting the people of the Inner West.

“We’ve been advocating for the release of this travel time data to give us evidence for which mitigations are working around the Rozelle Interchange and so that the community has information to plan their commute.

“It’s a good thing that the Government has listened to the concerns of our community. This transparency will give our community confidence that everything possible is being done to fix the traffic tsunami we have been swamped by.

"Under the previous Government, a culture of secrecy governed the whole WestConnex project.

“This is the first time the community and Council has received traffic data about the project transparently so at least now people can see for themselves what is happening.

“We will continue to advocate on behalf of our community for further mitigations including installing clear signage directing drivers to the free tunnel between the Iron Cove and ANZAC Bridges and the restoration of the bus lane on Victoria Road to the kerbside lane."

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