Inner West Council demands bolder action on housing supply

Friday 16 February 2024



Inner West Council is offering to work with the NSW Government on their housing reforms while proposing that the Government pull more levers to address the crisis.

Council on Tuesday night resolved to enter negotiations with Government over their rezonings while insisting on much bolder action at the State level to address the housing crisis.

“We agree with the Government that the housing supply crisis is real but we don’t think they are doing enough to address it,” Mayor Byrne said.

“We are willing to negotiate with them on their rezoning reforms, but we are also demanding that they pull more than just one lever.

“The fact is the Government needs to be more ambitious and bold if they are going to comprehensively respond to this unprecedented housing crisis.

“Large-scale investment in new public housing and legislating new renters’ rights can’t wait any longer.

“Further still, we propose that a new state-owned housing corporation be established to build tens of thousands of homes to be sold on the private market.”

The Council is calling on the Government to enact a range of additional positive policy proposals that can contribute to increasing supply.

These demands include:

  1. That the Government consider establishing a state-controlled corporation to build homes and increase supply for the private sale and rental markets.
  2. Replicating the Victorian Government's $5.3 billion investment in building 12,000 new public housing dwellings.
  3. Releasing the results of the NSW Government’s long-awaited audit of lands on which housing can be provided.
  4. Committing to partnering with Council on our offer of 10 Council-owned carparks and depots to be converted to public housing.
  5. Legislating the promised rental reforms and resource the office of the Rental Commissioner to provide advice and assistance to tenants across NSW.

Full Council motion attached (PDF 124.9KB).

“We want all councils to play a positive role in addressing the housing supply crisis and want the Government to do more to give local government and local communities a seat at the table in this process,” said Mayor Byrne.

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