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Monday 13 March 2023

Local Democracy Groups have played a key role in Inner West Council decision-making ever since they first began making their voices heard in 2018.

Inner West values the contribution and commitment of residents who are passionate about their community and Council is now recruiting new members to three Local Democracy Groups.

Council has 13 groups in all, and is currently recruiting for the following:

- Young Leaders Working Group
- LGBTQ Working Group
- Planning and Heritage Advisory Committee

Council wants to introduce some new members to fill vacancies which have opened since the initial recruitment for this term was completed in September last year.

Advisory committees and working groups are part of Council's Community Engagement Framework, providing advice and input to support Council’s decision-making and actions.

Inner West is appealing for applications from under-represented groups including gender diverse people, culturally and linguistically diverse community members and people with a disability.

Each group is guided by a Council staff member with experience in the relevant topic.

The current term of Local Democracy Groups gathered at a welcome night in September 2022 – motivated and ready to make a difference:

“I always wanted to give something back when I became a citizen and living in the inner west the last couple of years and seeing all the great stuff the working groups have been able to achieve, I really wanted to be a part of that.”

“I’m really excited to see the tangible things that we achieve.”

“To become a voice gives us a direct line into council.”

“I thought it was an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t turn it down.”

The current term will run until September 2024.

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