Rozelle Interchange public meeting called

Thursday 30 November 2023

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has today convened a public meeting to address the traffic chaos caused by the opening of the Rozelle Interchange.

The meeting, to be held at 6:30pm on Thursday December 7 at Balmain Town Hall will be an opportunity for local residents to propose mitigations that need to be implemented urgently. Council’s traffic engineers as well as the Coordinator General of Transport for NSW, Howard Collins, will be in attendance to answer questions.

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“The traffic chaos caused by the completion of WestConnex and the opening of the Rozelle Interchange is exactly what we have predicted would occur and must be addressed as a matter of urgency,” Byrne said.

For more than a decade Council has warned that funnelling massively increased traffic flows to the ANZAC Bridge would create a tunnel to a traffic jam.

“The former Perrottet Government stated repeatedly that traffic flows on Victoria Road would be reduced by 50% when the interchange opened, a claim that is laughable now.

“Worse still discovered after the change of Government that there was not a single dollar in the Budget for the reconfiguration of Victoria Road.

“The State Member for Balmain continues demand call, through an online petition, for further reduction in lanes on Victoria Road, which would result in even longer traffic jams and travel times and is not supported by the Council.

“Council is instead calling for the complete and transparent disclosure of the traffic data for Victoria Road and the City West Link and an immediate review of the lane configurations.

“The massive impact on our local traffic network is unacceptable and cannot be ignored.”

Inner West Council is calling for:

  • Immediate, real-time disclosure of the traffic data and travel times for Victoria Road, the City West Link and the ANZAC Bridge.
  • A review of the lane configurations on Victoria Road and the City West Link.
  • Funding for public domain improvements and traffic infrastructure on Victoria Road that was left out of the Budget by the previous Government to be made available.

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