Food Recycling coming to every house in the Inner West

22 May 2023

Following the previous delivery of a food recycling program to apartments throughout the Inner West, a full food and garden waste recycling program will be rolled out to every Inner West household in October.

Renowned landscape architect and sustainability activist Costa Georgiadis joined Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne and Councillor Mat Howard to announce the commencement of the new universal food recycling scheme for the Inner West.

Costa Georgiadis said, “Food recycling is the easiest, everyday way we can shift from waste thinking to resource thinking.

“The fact that it’s going to roll out across all of the Inner West and all of the Inner West residents can take their food waste out of the red bin and put it into the green bin is awesome news.

“Because when we separate our food waste, we’re contributing big time to reducing landfill and carbon emissions.”

Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne said, “Delivering food recycling to every home is a huge commitment but the benefits will be even bigger.”

“Preventing food from rotting in landfill and releasing methane is the single most important thing our local community can do to combat climate change. Better still, this will save ratepayers millions of dollars in landfill fees in the years to come.”

Councillor Mat Howard said, “Inner westies are passionate about doing their bit to improve our local environment and food recycling is just one way Council is helping residents to make a real impact.

“Food recycling is a game-changer that empowers residents to reduce food waste and cut back the amount of rubbish we send to landfill by close to half. “I’m so proud the Inner West is leading on this important initiative.”

The new food recycling program for every home will include:

  • A weekly collection of the green bin from houses which will contain both food and garden waste.
  • In September, a green topped kitchen caddy will be delivered to every house in the Inner West.
  • A Comprehensive Education program to be rolled out leading up to the scheme which starts in October.
  • A continuation of the existing scheme for apartment blocks where a burgundy food recycling bin is collected weekly.

Community Champions to help spread the word

To raise awareness of this exciting initiative, we are looking for community champions to share their knowledge and help actively engage our community in the food recycling program.

Council has now opened an Expression of Interest to identify and partner with respected and influential local individuals, businesses, or organisations to help us spread the word about food recycling through grassroots engagement:

A video featuring Costa can be found here.

High-resolution photo and video available on request.


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