Famous Portuguese tarts set for sweet return at Petersham Festival

8 Wednesday March 2023

Sweet Belem owner Jose Silva would like to assure everyone there will be enough Portuguese tarts to go around at Bairro Portuguese – Petersham Festival!

The famous ‘crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside’ treats are the signature delicious treat at Sweet Belem and will be in hot demand at the festival on Sunday 19 March, from 11am.

The Petersham Festival is back in full swing and more than ever food, glorious food, will be at the heart of the show in Little Portugal.

“It is so good to have the event back and we can bring the community together and showcase our culture and show what Portugal is all about,” said Jose.

“And we will make sure there is enough for the day; we’re up for the challenge!”

Jose says the little pastry parcels of custard goodness were a welcome relief during the tough days of COVID.

“People were determined to still get their tarts and coffee each morning, it was an excuse to get some fresh air.”

The secret to sensational tarts is making sure everything is authentic. Jose says they’re baked fresh throughout the day; they use butter not margarine, lemon zest not lemon zest essence and use only free-range eggs.

Jose has knocked back a dozen tarts on one occasion, and while he doesn’t recommend that many in a sitting, he says Sweet Belem’s tarts are especially light.

“They are pretty addictive and to have one or two is such a good indulgence.”

Along with a smorgasbord of entertainment and workshops, Bairro Português will serve up a stunning array of traditional and modern cuisine.

Festival-goers can try mouth-watering bifanas and malasadas, scrumptious croquettes and much more. Petersham RSL and Petersham Liquor Mart will be serving wine and beer at licensed bars within the festival.

Jose says food-lovers flock from near and far for the festival, from up and down the coast, with a strong Portuguese contingent making their way from Wollongong.

Audley & Fisher Street will be the beating heart of the festival through to 4pm and the invitation is open for all to come together and celebrate the cultural history and people of this vibrant inner west community.

Musical highlights on the main stage include:

- Fado in Australia will evoke the passion of Portuguese immigrants
- Aldeias de Portugal will perform folkloric dances from all regions
- Alma Orquestra will take you on a soulful journey
- Aljamia will bring the dance and Medieval music
- Traditional songs, dance and costumes from Grupo Folclorica Cultural de Sydney
- Magical melodies from Grupo Portuguese de Concertinas

The streets will be pumping with tunes from Portuguese DJs Herois do Bar, while Batucada Funk will add to the party vibe with Brazilian funk and Afro beats.

The Sydney Choro Club will be making music on the move throughout the festival site, with the musical ensemble paying tribute to the hits of CHORO.

This is almost certainly Australia’s largest Portuguese cultural fair since its inception in 2003, and you are invited to join the party in Little Portugal: Petersham Festival Homepage

Bairro Portuguese – Petersham Festival is sponsored by Petersham RSL and supported by Petersham Liquor Mart.

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