Callan Park Tidal Pool getting closer

Tuesday 27 February 2023

After an exhaustive testing process, Inner West Council's application for a new tidal pool at Callan Park is progressing.

The plan is for a fifty-metre pool incorporating swimming lanes, an extensive jetty and two moored pontoons that bathers and families can utilise as platforms for sunbathing and diving. The pool will be located on the popular Bay Run and will be a modern counterpart to the nearby, historic Dawn Fraser Baths.

The process has involved two years of extensive water quality testing, environmental impact research, river depth and floor quality testing and approvals from Maritime Services and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne said:

“With its position at the heart of the Bay Run, the Callan Park Tidal Pool can become a Sydney Icon. With our location finalised, we are ready to partner with the NSW Government to fund the construction of this beautiful, new swim site.”

High resolution photos and animation of the design available on request.

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