A Perfect Match - Inner West and Marrickville Metro celebrate two-year anniversary

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Inner West Council is thrilled to showcase nearly 40 amazing artworks this weekend at Marrickville Metro as part of celebrations marking the two-year anniversary of the Perfect Match partnership between Council and the shopping centre.

So far, 38 public art commissions have been created on site at the new Marrickville Metro by local artists, reflecting the rich past and present of the inner west.

Everyone is invited to gather for community celebrations on Saturday 10 June at 10am to launch the latest work - Through the Trees - by internationally acclaimed artist and proud ‘inner westie’ Helen Proctor.

The artwork references the flora and fauna which inhabited the Gumbramorra swamplands of the Cooks River. Much of what is now South Marrickville was an impenetrable quagmire connected to the Cooks River.

Following the launch, visitors can meet the curatorial team and artists at 10:30am for a free guided tour of the art works.

Come along to hear the stories behind the works, the vital importance of supporting artists within our communities and learn all about the history and vision for this land-mark site of contemporary art, lifestyle and culture.

“We are so proud to have curated the largest collection of public artworks at a shopping centre in Australia,” said Inner West Mayor, Darcy Byrne.

The art tours kick off on Saturday at 10:30am starting at Edinburgh Road, and Sunday at 11am, meeting at the main stage at Smidmore Street, with both tours running for 90 minutes.

For bookings go to:

Saturday tour: Eventbrite.com.au/Saturday/public-art-at-marrickville
Sunday tour: Eventbrite.com.au/Sunday/public-art-at-marrickville

The free guided tours are part of the first ever Marrickville Metro Festiville – a jam-packed weekend of amazing activities to celebrate the vibrant community of Marrickville Metro.

Marrickville Metro has everything covered for the entire family, including an appearance by celebrity chef Pete Campbell and a live show with Bluey on the main stage.

Inner West first partnered with Marrickville Metro in 2021 to deliver a world class contemporary public arts program.

Now, the shopping centre boasts a vast collection of artworks weaved throughout the precinct, from rooftop carparks and escalators, even to the bathrooms.

“Just seeing artwork in everyday life makes it a more exciting thing,” said Proctor.

“It’s like being immersed in a huge gallery space or museum almost, just by going to do your shopping.”

The array of artwork turns the often mundane into magical moments of enlightenment, inspiring moments of reflection, solace and sincerity.

Council has increased funding by 20 percent to the Street Art Program that has so far seen nearly 150 street artworks transform the walls of Inner West houses, shops and businesses into vibrant, history-inspired works of art that speak to people of all ages.

The funding boost is part of Council’s Arts and Live Music Recovery Action Plan, which will also introduce a pilot program engaging young people in the co-design and delivery of an artwork with an established artist.

The program will also receive extra funding to provide a pilot program of audio descriptions beginning with twenty artworks, improving access to the art works for all parts of the community.

The next round of Perfect Match applications will open Saturday 1 July 2023.

Launch of Artwork by Helen Proctor - Saturday 10 June, 10am Marrickville Metro, Edinburgh Road.

Meeting point: Main Stage (in front of Panetta Mercato).

• 10am - MC Carmello welcomes guests and introduces Welcome to country by Elder Uncle Ray Davidson
• 10:15am - Inner West Council Mayor, Darcy Byrne
• 10:18am - Mike Charlton, Marrickville Metro Centre Manager, speaks and introduces artist Helen Proctor
• 10:21am - Helen Proctor speaks.
• 10:24am - MC thanks Mayor Darcy Byrne, Mike Charlton, GPT and Helen Proctor.
• 10:25am - Group Photos at Art Wall.
• 10:30am - Public artwork launch Official proceedings over.
• 10:30am - First free guided art tour begins


The Inner West is the creative capital and engine room of Global Sydney with the highest population of arts and cultural workers in Australia.

One in ten Inner West residents work in the creative or cultural sector, employing 6,400 people and generating $1.4 billion a year for the local economy.

From small beginnings Perfect Match has fast become one of Australia's best-loved Street Art programs.

Originating as a unique initiative tackling unwanted tagging and graffiti, the Perfect Match program has quickly grown to mentoring emerging artists, fostering legitimate creative expression, and creating site-specific large-scale paintings in public spaces.

More 140 site specific contemporary artworks have been produced through Perfect Match - our Inner West fast becoming the creative and street art capital of Australia.

Property owners are invited to find their Perfect Match by nominating their wall to be transformed by an artist. Artists submit their portfolios, designs and ideas.

Perfect Match has been in action since 2014, and has continued to flourish over the years, becoming one of Australia's best-loved street art programs.


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