Swim season at Fanny Durack Pool extended

                                                            Wednesday, 20 March 2019

In what has been hailed as a “victory for Inner West pool users”, patrons of Annette Kellerman and Fanny Durack aquatic centres will now be able enjoy better services and improved swimming experiences.

At a meeting on March 12, Councillors voted to extend the contracts for the Fanny Durack and Annette Kellerman pools - currently managed by Belgravia Leisure - for a further three years, but with considerable amendments from Stanmore Ward Councillor Anna York to improve service standards for pool users.

Cr York said she has been inundated by feedback from the community with regard to the quality of services at both pools.

“The community has been clear – we love our local pools, but they could be cleaner, open for longer and provide better swimming lessons.

“Swimmers at the Annette Kellerman and Fanny Durack pools believe the facilities are not kept to a clean enough standard and that the quality of swimming lessons is not meeting parents’ expectations.”

Cr York said the amendments to the Annette Kellerman and Fanny Durack pool contracts will deliver a better outcome for the community.

“You only need to visit one of our pools on a hot summer day to know how much our community loves them – but there’s no doubt there are some aspects in the way they have been run that are letting the community down. This is our opportunity to make these pools the best they can be.”

In another win for pool patrons, Council also voted to extend the swimming season this year at Fanny Durack pool in Petersham for an additional month through to the end of April.

“Fanny Durack has had a record number of swimmers this year, in part due to the closure of Ashfield Aquatic Centre for renovation, but also because of the record hot summer we’ve had, and the increasing popularity of the pool. I am very pleased we have been able to extend the season for a further month,” said Cr York.

“These are immediate actions Council has taken in response to community input that I hope will vastly improve peoples’ experience at these pools.”

Cr York moved that Belgravia Leisure should be immediately required to:

  • Increase staffing levels at both pools.
  • Improve cleaning standards and increase the cleaning budget at both pools.
  • Commit to engaging with swim school users and other pool users on improvements that could be made to swim classes and other aquatic programming at Annette Kellerman pool.
  • Introduce a weekly “late lanes” session at Fanny Durack and Annette Kellerman pools, where the pool remains open later in the evening during the summer peak.
  • A one-month extension of the swim season at Fanny Durack pool this year.

Cr York also called for a report to be brought back to Council to consider options for increasing shade at both pools.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said all of Council’s pools have enjoyed strong enrolment numbers this swimming season.

“The record attendance over summer at our existing pools shows we have absolutely made the right choice investing in improving our aquatic facilities,” he said.

For further information, please contact John Roper on 0435 963 787

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Page last updated: 20 Mar 2019