EOIs now open for EDGE

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Be a part of the next stages of art activation for EDGE, each site with its own distinctive theme.

  • EDGE Ashfield 12-15 September

EDGE Ashfield will be celebrating everything lunar as 13 September is the date of the Moon Festival which also celebrates the end of the Autumn Harvest.

Inner West artists are invited to celebrate the moon from their perspective. Artists interested in celebrating Cultural Diversity through performance, dance, visual art and music will bring a resolute vibrancy to this busy area.

EDGE Ashfield artists will assist in building audiences for the arts in what is arguably the most culturally diverse fringe of the inner west. Artists can submit any creative offering, independent and group submissions, and artists who would like to engage with local groups on project-based Community Art and Cultural Development outcomes are encouraged to apply.

EDGE Ashfield contact for enquiries or to discuss your ideas:

Bronwyn Tuohy – Placemaking and Public Arts Leader Bronwyn.Tuohy@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

DEADLINE Midnight Sunday, 30 June 2019

  • EDGE Balmain 22-24 November

EDGE Balmain will activate the spine of this heritage heartland with music, mayhem, performance and installations.

Council is seeking innovative, highly engaging and bold ideas that showcase or transform public spaces and venues from the grounds of Callan Park to Gladstone Park.

Musicians and performers are also invited to create edgy and engaging ‘pop up’ experiences that tell local stories, reflect rich working histories, inspire conversations and showcase the wealth of creative talent. nurtured here. Artists/Performers can submit proposals in partnership with pubs, cafes, shops and venues as well as request to be paired up with a site that best suits their proposal.

EDGE Balmain contact for enquiries or to discuss your ideas:

Costa Atzemis – EDGE Production, Living Arts Costa.Atzemis@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

DEADLINE Monday 22 July 12pm 2019

  • EDGE Newtown 6-10 November

EDGE Newtown marches into the heartlands of art and activism. Raise your voices, fly your flags, shout from your rooftops, and tell your tales. Use your skills and open your spaces to extend the festival footprint and create a new map to draw visitors into the backstreets and onto the digital frontline of Newtown. Real and virtual tours will feature a dynamic mix of social enterprises, radical retail, and creative revolutionaries.

EDGE Newtown invites exploration and expression in the streets, lanes, parks and playgrounds preceding the much-loved Newtown Festival on Sunday, 10 November. Artists, venues, and creative enterprises can to submit ideas for small to medium arts interventions to expand the festival beyond its footprint and to reflect local resilience and revolution.

EDGE Newtown contact for enquiries or to discuss your ideas:

Victoria Johnstone – Arts Projects and Partnerships Leader, Living Arts Victoria.Johnstone@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

  DEADLINE: Midnight Sunday, 30 June 2019

For all other EDGE enquiries, contact:

Amanda Buckland – Manager, Living Arts Amanda.Buckland@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

For print quality images, contact the Communications team.


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