Revision of Ashfield Aquatic Centre works

15 February 2017

The program of works at Ashfield Aquatic Centre (AAC) has been revised, and refurbishment of the centre will now commence no earlier than April 2018.

 Ashfield Aquatic Centre will remain open and fully operational until the works commencement date.

The revision has resulted from several factors, principally because the recent Tender of works was unsuccessful.

No conforming Tenders were received by Inner West Council.

“The pre-Tender estimate for the project was $20 million. But the only Tender that Council received did not meet all the specifications in the brief,” said Administrator of Inner West Council Richard Pearson.

“When staff looked at bridging the gap between what was in the brief, and what was submitted by the Tenderer, they estimated the AAC cost would increase by $7 million.

“Without a conforming Tender, clearly we are unable to proceed with construction at this time. We need to go back and look at the planning, logistics, and budget of the project,” Mr Pearson said.

“However, I do want to make it clear that Council remains absolutely committed to the project. This is a once-in-a-generation project - and it will be done, and done properly,” he said.

Former Mayor of Ashfield and member of Council’s Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) Lucille McKenna said she was naturally disappointed that the project had been unavoidably delayed, but that she was heartened by Council’s commitment to the project.

“This is a much-loved and much-utilised asset for the Ashfield community,” she said. “The previous Council has had an extensive conversation with our community about refurbishing the pool. We were so convinced that it was what the community wanted we got community support for a Special Rate Variation which will pay for much of the cost of refurbishing the pool.

“That will not change. That money is in effect ‘quarantined’ for the pool project,” Ms McKenna said.

“Of course I’m sorry that the work has been delayed, but I do see this as an opportunity to fine-tune the project – not least because the Local Representation Advisory Group (LRAC) recently asked the project team to consider a gym option as part of the refurbishment,” Ms McKenna said.

“And I am also assured that the pool will undergo maintenance works in the coming months, to ensure it provides for the local community in the interim until works begin in 2018.”

Members of LRAC were briefed on the revision of works at last night’s meeting. An assessment of the way forward will occur over the next few months. A further report is likely to go before LRAC in April or May 2017. To keep updated on the project, go to Inner West Ashfield Aquatic Centre.

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