Dog Welcome Zones end uncertainty

Wednesday 13 December 2017

At last night’s meeting, Council adopted a policy confirming that dogs are permitted in pub verandas, beer gardens and non-enclosed areas.

Council will also work with local pubs to establish dog welcome zones on footpaths if the pub does not have a suitable non-or-semi-enclosed area.

The new ‘Dog Welcome Zones’ will put an end to the concerns of dog owners who want to take their pooch to the pub.

“The issue about whether dogs are allowed in pubs has caused a great deal of confusion for dog owners and publicans and has left many in the community barking mad,” said Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne.

“This plan ends the uncertainty around the issue and ensures that the unique inner west tradition of being able to take your pooch to the pub lives on.

“Publicans can now be rest assured that dogs are allowed in outdoor areas in pubs if they choose.

“And if a pub doesn’t have a suitable area it can designate a ‘Dog Welcome Zone’. Council will work with publicans to get such an area up and running.

“Council will also waive any fees associated with establishing these low-impact zones in outdoor areas such as footpaths, courtyards, verandahs or beer gardens.

“This is a sensible common sense solution to fix what has been a confusing and frustrating issue for dog owners and publicans, and will ensure that food safety standards are upheld,” Mayor Byrne said.

The proposed fee waiver in Dog Welcome Zones will be the subject of community consultation in early 2018.

After that, the outcome of the community consultation and engagement with inner west pub owners will be reported back to Council.

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