Another planning tick of approval for Sydenham Station Creative Hub

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Friday 16 June 2017

Inner West Council is publicly exhibiting the Sydenham Creative Hub planning proposal, an “exciting” land use project which will transform the area into a cultural precinct while at the same time protecting traditional industries.

The planning changes expand creative industries and also add food and drink premises to support live music.

The planning proposal covers an area of 20 hectares bounded by Fitzroy Street, Saywell Street, Garden Street, Railway Parade, Marrickville Road and Sydney Street at Sydenham.

The area’s location under the Sydney Airport flight path makes it unsuitable for residential development.

“And some might see this is a negative proposition, but we see an exciting opportunity,” said Inner West Council Administrator Richard Pearson.

“Because this will never be a traditional housing area, it means making a bit of noise at night is not an issue,” Mr Pearson said. “You won’t get the usual tensions between nightlife venues and neighbours who just want a nice, quiet neighbourhood,” he said.

“With the fantastic transport links the area has, and which will only improve in the future, we believe a Sydenham Station Creative Hub could easily become a must-visit destination for all of Sydney,” Mr Pearson said.

The proposal has been in development since 2014 and has already been the subject of substantial consultation with the local community and business owners.

“We think this proposal balances keeping the important traditional industries in the area going whilst expanding the night time economy,” Mr Pearson said.

“However we are interested in hearing people’s views on the planning proposal which is on public exhibition until 14 July,” he said.

The Department of Planning approved the proposal on the condition that Inner West Council commission an Economic Impact Assessment (EIA), and a strategy for a Development Control Plan (DCP) which would include a creative industries policy, licensed premises controls and plans for public domain improvements. These conditions have now been met.

For print quality images of the precinct, contact the Communication team. The proposal can be found at

To see the history of the project, go to

For print quality images of the precinct, contact the Communication team. 

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