Inner West Council Facebook Posts

Council has been notified that a number of WestConnex Posts have been removed from the previous Leichhardt Council Facebook Page.

 Council officers did not remove these posts, and were not directed to do so by new Administrator Richard Pearson.

On investigation it was discovered that Facebook routinely ‘hides’ posts from timelines after a certain period of time.

There seems to be no logic to the selection, Facebook simply rationalises the number of posts showing on the historic timeline.

The WestConnex posts and a high number of other posts from February were no longer visible, including posts pertaining to free films in the local park, ANZAC Day commemorations, a survey of local young people and a neighbourhood garage sale.

Council is not aware of when this happened – whether recently or months ago.

It is very easy to unhide posts on a Facebook profile, but harder to unhide posts on a page.

Council officers have contacted Facebook to find out how to reinstate the posts.

For non-Facebook users

  • A Profile is what most people have when they say they have a Facebook page. It is operated by a person.
  • A Page, which is what Council and most organisations have, is set up and administered by someone with a profile.
  • The Leichhardt Council page is administered by a profile set up within the organization.
  • Posts on the profile are easy to reinstate, council is investigating how to unhide historic posts on a page.

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Page last updated: 27 Jul 2018