Take the COVID-19 Coronavirus Racism Incident Report Survey

Since January 2020, there has been an increase of incidents of racism coming out of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in Australia. This racism is targeted at those who have Chinese origins/East Asian origins but any person in Australia who is of Asian background is susceptible.

At the Tuesday 28 July 2020 Meeting, Council unanimously voted that:

  • Council is opposed to all forms of racism and the growing anti-Asian racism that has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic and stands in solidarity with our Asian Australian community
  • Council endorse the work done by the Asian Australian Alliance to collect information on incidents of anti-Asian racism and encourages all Inner West residents to fill out the COVID-19 Coronavirus Racism Incident Report Survey
  • Council endorse the Chinese Australian Forum’s #UnityOverFear campaign and add our logo to a Letter of Support





  • 议会与澳大利亚亚裔社区团结一致,反对任何形式的种族歧视,反对在新冠病毒大流行期间日益增加的反亚裔种族主义。
  • 议会支持由澳大利亚亚裔联盟(Asian Australian Alliance)开展的有关针对亚裔的歧视事件收集工作,提倡所有的内西区居民填写新型冠状病毒种族主义事件报告调查表
  • 议会支持由澳大利亚华人论坛发起的团结起来对抗恐惧#UnityOverFear请愿活动,并将我们的徽标加入进支持信中


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Page last updated: 13 Aug 2020