Footpath and road inspections

Council will be inspecting its 845 kilometres of footpath along the entire road network, together with kerb and gutter, traffic facilities and all roadside assets, from late May to the end of July 2021.

Council’s asset inspection contractor, Infrastructure Management Group, will undertake detailed video imaging and condition assessment using camera-equipped, transporter style inspection vehicles travelling around local roads, and quad bike style inspection vehicles on the footpaths.

This exercise will enable better management of these important community assets, delivering more effective maintenance and renewal strategies and improving connectivity, accessibility and safety.

• Road assessment vehicles are driven by experienced operators travelling at normal traffic speeds

• Hazard lighting and other warning devices will be used while completing laser measurement and video recordings along roads

• Footpath assessment vehicles are driven by certified pavement inspectors travelling at a brisk walking pace

• Hazard lighting and other warning devices will be in used while completing assessment and video recordings of footpaths, cycle ways and roadside assets

• The vehicles are clearly identifiable and operators will be vigilant and give way wherever possible to pedestrians

• Your privacy is a major priority. All cameras will be focused on the road or footpath asset with some limited viewing of areas directly adjacent. No deliberate image recordings of residential or commercial premises will be undertaken.

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Page last updated: 02 Jun 2021