Callan Park tree removal

On Friday 26 February 2021 Council removed 10 trees from land it leases in Callan Park for sports fields.

A site manager at Callan Park reported this had been done without Development Consent and without consent from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

Inner West Councils Ranger Services subsequently launched an investigation.

The investigation found that there had been a breach under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

In considering how Council should move forward, the following has been recommended:

• A Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) not be issued. If Council were to issue a PIN to itself and then pay it, the money would return to Council minus a $20.13 processing fee

• Council will set aside $6,000 (equivalent to a penalty notice amount) specifically for tree replanting within Callan Park

• Council will improve and document the processes that Officers undertook when assessing the removal of the trees

• Council will arrange appropriate training, including a heritage induction, for all staff with any works involvement with Callan Park

• Where there is heritage value or complex legal or planning considerations (ie Callan Park), any future works should seek written referrals from the relevant sections prior to approval, to demonstrate that appropriate consideration of these factors has undertaken

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Page last updated: 02 Jul 2021