New amenities block for Bridgewater Park

We are building a new amenities block in Bridgewater Park, Rozelle. The project includes:

  • building a new toilet amenities block with:
    - one unisex accessible cubicle; and
    - a new baby change facility
  • installing bicycle parking and a water station.

The new building design will be environmentally sustainable including:

  • natural lighting and ventilation;
  • water harvesting; and
  • water energy saving fixtures.

The upgrade is part of the 2017 / 2018 Parks Building Capital Works Program

When will the upgrade occur?

Works will start in May 2018 and are expected to be completed by August 2018, weather permitting.

The hours of work will be:

  • Monday to Friday - 7am and 5pm,
  • Saturday - 8am to 1pm.

Access to the park

Some areas of the park will be closed to public use and access during construction.

Further information

For further information please contact Tony Nguyen, Property Project Manager, phone 9392 9152 or email

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Page last updated: 19 Jul 2018