Discover Haberfield

Haberfield is the ultimate foodie destination. This heritage village offers a thriving culinary scene with a blend of independent retailers.


Other local food businesses in Haberfield

Name Phone Website or delivery partner Notes
Bistro Cocotte (02) 8964 1301 Facebook Delivery, Takeaway
Dolcissimo Haberfield (02) 9716 4444 Website, Uber Eats, Menu Log Delivery, Takeaway
Hungry Grasshopper (02) 9799 3432 Website Takeaway, Groceries
La Disfida
(02) 9798 8299 or 0405 907 160
Paesanella Haberfield
(02) 9799 0077
Takeaway, groceries
Pasticceria Papa (02) 9799 9531 Website, Uber Eats  
San Valentino (02) 9799 9799 Website, Uber Eats, Menulog  
Yakitori Jin (02) 8057 2780 Facebook, Uber Eats, Menulog  

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Page last updated: 14 Dec 2020