Construction waste (skip bins)

When you need to hire a waste container for construction waste and it cannot fit within your property boundaries, you must obtain a permit to place the bin on Council's roads and footpaths.

To obtain a permit, you should first arrange hire of your bin from one of the approved companies who have registered with Council, and then contact Council and pay any permit fees applicable.

Fees and charges

In an unmetered area a skip can be placed for 7 days (or less) without a fee.

In a metered area a skip can be placed for 3 days (or less) without incurring a fee

Fees can be found in the current Fees and Charges webpage

If you are applying for any permits that require a payment

Apply for a free skip permit

To obtain a skip bin permit, you should first arrange hire of your bin from one of the approved companies .

You can  apply for your permit number below  using the Inner West Council Request system or call council on (02) 9392 5000

Apply for a free skip bin permit

Approved companies – current as of November 2018


Company Phone number /Fax Number              Email or Web Address
 Aussie Skips  1300 110 011

 Bingo Waste Services Pty Ltd 1300 424 646

Brown Brothers Waste Contractors Pty Ltd

9999 64 66

0418 476 625

9973 1379


  Budget Waste Control

 (02) 9672 1555

After Hours Contact -

0419 995 285

Cheap & Quick Waste Bins

9755 2888

9755 2005

 Dial A Dump

9519 9999

9516 5559

 Discount Skips  & Call a Bin  9804 6444

 Dump It Bins  1300 211 111

 Empire Waste Bins

9311 4745 

0413 389 124

Freddy's Skip Bins

9703 5399 

0410 455 633

 GPP Skip Bins  9642 7200

Jim's Skip Bins

131 546 

Just Skip Bins Pty Ltd

1800 626 388

M Waste Pty Ltd

9544 6423

9526 5996

 Orange Waste Skip Bins

 1300 767 006

9792 3868

 Phillips Skip Bins Pty Ltd

1800 246 728

 Rubbish Taxi  9573 1112

Skips 365 Pty Ltd

1300 762 362

 The Bin Man  0412 258 558  

Wasteline Waste Management

0409 420 490

9344 0929


Apply for a skip outside of the free period

Use the forms below to apply for:

  • Placing a skip in a parking meter bay, for greater than 3 days and up to 10 days. The fee for suspending metering of a a parking bay is $57.40 per day (2019/20 fees and charges).
  • Place a skip in in a non-parking-metered area, for greater than 7 days and up to 3 weeks. The weekly rate is $115.00 (2019/20 fees and charges).

Skip bin greater than regulated time application (PDF 208.7KB)
Skip bin greater than regulated time application (DOCX 77.3KB)

Skip permit exceptions

You will be required to apply for a road occupancy permit if:

  • The container is larger than 12m³
  • The skip required is outside the above limits.

This is subject to the Council Engineer’s review and satisfaction of the proposed works.

Hoarding, fencing, road, footpath and car park occupation form (PDF 177.7KB)
Hoarding, fencing, road, footpath and car park occupation form (DOCX 85.7KB)

Join the waste container company list

If you are a waste container company seeking to join the list please complete the form below.

Skip bin operator application form (PDF 208.5KB)
Skip bin operator application form (DOC 119.5KB)

An approval fee is payable  (in the  first year only and refunded when registration lapses) as well as an annual fee.

General conditions for skip usage

1. The following conditions are set out to prevent injury or damage to any persons or property. Failure to comply with these conditions could mean immediate removal of the bin at your expense and/or the issue of on-the- spot fines.
2. An application and payment of fee must be made to Council before any bin is placed upon Council’s roadway.
3. It is an offence to stand a bin upon any footpath or carriageway without approval.
4. The Applicant must accept liability for any damage caused to the road, gutter, grass verge, footpath or any injury sustained by any persons during the delivery, occupation and removal of the bin.
5. Council reserves the right to order the removal of any bin or the termination of any activity associated with it, which causes a nuisance or creates a danger. Upon receipt of such order, the applicant shall comply immediately.
6. The Applicant must agree to observe any special conditions that are imposed by Council in relation to this Application.
7. The Applicant must agree to bear responsibility for the removal of any waste deposited in or around the bin, whether by their self, at their direction or by any other person.
8. The Applicant must also agree to indemnify the Council against any clean-up costs that may be incurred and acknowledge that the said costs may be recovered by the Council as a debt.
9. Food waste, dangerous or hazardous wastes shall not be placed in any bin.
10. The suspension of parking metering rate is per day, per parking bay.

Conditions for skip licensees (Skip bin suppliers)

These conditions are to be read in conjunction with the NSW Roads & Maritime Services Technical Direction TD 2009 SR01 – Placement of Bulk Skip and Waste Containers. Where any conflict of interpretation exists between these conditions and the Technical Direction, then these conditions shall take precedence.
A Skip bin may be placed in a Public Place/Public Road (within the meaning of the Local Government Act 1993) subject to the following conditions:
1. Skips bins may only be placed by persons, or Companies, holding a current licence from Council. The licence applies to the owner, or provider, of the skip bin. See Clause 18 below for exceptions.
2. The maximum dimensions of a skip bin is 5m x 1.8m (length x width). See Clause 18 below for exceptions.
3. The skip bin must be of a light colour with the name, address and telephone number of the owner/proprietor clearly displayed.
4. Skip bins must be POST PICK-UP SORTED AND RECYCLED.  Proof of this company policy is required prior to issue of licence.
5. Only one (1) skip bin at any time may occupy the road reserve at any property frontage. See Clause 18 below for exceptions.
6. The skip bin shall be placed only on the carriageway (and not on the footpath) parallel to and 450mm from the kerb so as not to impede the flow of water in the gutter or to cause any obstruction to traffic.
7. All skip bins must be placed immediately in front of the property of the user of the bin. If the skip bin is to be placed outside a corner property it shall not be located closer than six (6) metres from the boundary of the cross street. If this were to place the skip bin beyond the applicant’s property frontage, then the prior written consent of the adjacent property owner must be obtained. The skip bin must be positioned to comply with all restrictions of the Australian Road Rules as if they were a motor vehicle.
8. Skip bins must not be placed in any disabled parking space.
9. Skip bins must be placed so as to take up no more than one (1) parking space on the street, taking into account the position of adjacent vehicle crossings and relevant Australian Road Rules. The Skip bins must not restrict access to adjoining parking spaces. In parking areas where parking bays are marked out, the Skip Bin must be located wholly within and centred to the marked parking bay.
10. Duration of the activity, from date of placement of the Skip Bin to the removal date:
i. Metered parking space
a) For the up to three (3) days, there is no charge.
b) For more than three (3) days, up to ten (10) days, a daily fee applies – see Clause 17 below.
c) For more than ten (10) days - see Clause 18 below.
ii. Non-Metered Parking Space
a) For up to seven (7) days, there is no charge.
b) For more than seven (7) days, up to three (3) weeks, a weekly fee applies – see Clause 17 below.
c) For more than three (3) weeks, see Clause 18 below.
11. The supplier of the Skip bin must have taken out Public Liability Insurance and have provided Council with a Certificate of Currency for a Public Liability Policy with a minimum cover of $20 million for the period of the licence. The Policy is to note, and provide protection for Inner West Council, as an interested party.
12. A security deposit for damage to Council property must be lodged with Council for the period of the licence.
13. Payment of the annual fee must be made every financial year.
14. The Skip bin can only be used in association with works that either do not require approval of Council, or works that have received consent from Council
Please note:
15. Inner West Council may order the removal of any skip bin if there is a failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the policy or if the placement of the container results in a nuisance or danger to the public.
16. Transporting of waste over or under a public place requires an approval under S68 of the Local Government Act 1993.
17. An Application for Extension of Skip Bin Placement Permit is required for instances covered by Clauses 10(i)(b) and 10(ii)(b) above.
18. An Application For Hoardings, Footpath, Road and Car Park Occupancy is to be used to seek approval for the placement of skip bins contrary to any of the above conditions. This could include;
a) Skip bin providers who do not hold a Skip bin licence;
b) Placing a skip bin that exceeds the maximum dimensions in Clause 2 above,
c) Placing more than one skip bin at one location (Clause 5 above).
d) Placing skip bins in a location for a period of more than three (3) weeks in a non-metered area; or
e) Placing skip bins in a location for a period of more than ten (10) days in a metered parking area.

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