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There are around 10,000 varieties of tomatoes worldwide. Everyone loves tomatoes. They are the most versatile ingredient, but they are also one of the most commonly wasted food items.  


  • Keeping the attachment to the vine intact all the way to the shop results in a supposedly better ripening process.
  • Grow your own tomatoes. They will do well in a sunny and warm spot. Make sure you water them and feed them with compost and worm castings. 
  • Sad looking tomatoes can still be used. Check out the recipe below. 


  • Leaving tomatoes at room temperature helps them ripen.
  • Only put them in the fridge when fully ripe.
  • Freeze whole tomatoes in zippered plastic bags or cook with basil and salt and seal in jars.


Easy fermented raw tomato sauce

Makes from 2-3 medium jars 

Fermentation brings out funky flavours in tomatoes, even if they’re bruised, less flavourful or floury. Use this tomato sauce raw for dipping like salsa or as a sauce on pasta with fresh herbs and olive oil. You can also cook it if you prefer or use it as a base for other tomato-centric dishes.


Easy fermented raw tomatoe sauce step 1

Step 1: Add 1 clove of garlic, a few pinches dried or 3 large fresh leaves, plus 2-3 of the tomato stems or leaves to the bottom of a sterilised jar.

Easy fermented raw tomatoe sauce step 2

Step 2: Add 6 medium sized ripe tomatoes, then salt (2% the weight of your tomatoes) on top. Close with a lid and shake it up to disperse salt.

Easy fermented raw tomatoe sauce step 3

Step 3: Leave in a cool spot away from direct sunlight at room temperature to ferment. Enough liquid should begin to come out of the tomatoes to keep the tomatoes submerged and they will turn themselves into a chunky sauce.

Easy fermented raw tomatoe sauce step 4

Step 4: Open the jar to let gases escape, then retighten. Do this daily for 2-3 days shaking the contents as well and pushing the tomatoes down so they’re covered in liquid. It’s ready when there’s bubbling and a tangy flavour. If you prefer your sauce thicker, blend it up.

Easy fermented raw tomatoe sauce hero

Store in a clean jar in the fridge. Use it raw or cooked with pasta, as a salsa or dipping sauce for your leftover cheesy shortbreads, adjusting the flavour to your taste.



Store in the fridge in a clean airtight jar or container for up to 1 month.

Zero waste tip

If you’ve made more sauce than you can use, freeze it in smaller portions to use later. Flavour your sauce with balsamic vinegar and sugar to add more sweetness and bring out the natural tomato flavours.


Recipe by Margaret Sevenjhazi from Bottomfeeder.

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Page last updated: 11 Feb 2022