Newtown Art Seat

About Newtown ArtSeat

Newtown ArtSeat offers a space where experimental and non-commercial art can be showcased.

It is a permanent structure in Newtown Square that combines public seating, artwork display and lighting. The site is highly visible and exposes any artwork to thousands of passers-by each day. 

The ArtSeat has become a landmark in Newtown. 

What's on at the ArtSeat 

Apparitional Charlatan - Minor Appearances (impro-posters) (2020) by Brian Fuata

Artist: ArtSeat by Brian Fuata for Biennale of Sydney

This work will be on display from 11 March to 3 June 2020


Artist Statement

Brian Fuata describes the ArtSeat artwork as “broadsheet advertising for my performances for the Biennale. But also if you walk around it, it becomes like an analogue gif. So they become poetic forms based on my ghost.”

Brian Fuata will present his live works:

• Museum of Contemporary Art, 14 and 15 March, 10am to 11am

• Queen Victoria Building Domes, 11 and 18 April, 1pm to 1:30pm and 20pm to 2:30pm

• National Art School: 5, 11, 19 and 26 April, 1pm to 3pm

One of the posters, ‘Mail Energy’ is Brian’s favourite.

“Partly because parallel to this performance, I also have this correspondence where I send performative emails to people and I then BCC a group in the audience who then become witness to the correspondence. I like that energy, and the play with words,”.




For further information about Newtown ArtSeat, please contact Olivia Patchett on 9335 2123 or email

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Page last updated: 21 May 2020