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12 to 15 September

Join a Moon Art Tour on Friday 13 September, 5pm. Book your free ticket.

Art installations and productions across the area as part of EDGE Ashfield. 



Mural - SMC3

Brown Street, Ashfield
Time: 24/7 

Completed in the lead up to Ashfield EDGE the Brown Street Car Park Mural has given a contemporary facelift to a previously dull, dark space. Artist SMC3 has created an abstract expressionist marvel in his own personal style which he painted in a traditional Chinese colour palette to reflect the culture and people of Ashfield.


Arte Connect 

Moon Tunnel - ARTeConnect and DJ Nick Wishart

Ashfield Plaza
Time: Friday 13 - Sunday 15 Sept. 

A movementactivated bamboo corridor that comes to life with sound and light on 13September. Experience a carnivalesque parade of tech-infused, costumedcharacters emerging from the tunnel into the forecourt. Then take the floor,guided by performers Nick Wishart and Effie Lmn to make the tunnel sing with amagical soundscape of your own making.  Visit the MoonTunnel any eveningthroughout EDGE Ashfield to enjoy its responsive glow.


Make Your Mark 

Make Your Mark - Michelle Kristina-Mesner and Ashfield Primary School students

Ashfield Council Admin Foyer
Time: Friday 6 - Sunday  15 Sept.

Inspired by the circular fashion movement, students from Ashfield Public School and textile artist Michelle Kistima-Menser have created an art installation made from their old t-shirts for the Inner West Council’s EDGE Ashfield festival. The circular design on the t-shirts signifies the circularity of the t-shirt’s lifecycle and in this way, ties in with the festival theme of culmination of the harvest and the full moon that is celebrated at this time of year in many Asian countries.


Ritual nirvana - 200px 

Ritual Nirvana in the Moon Garden - Jayanto Tan

Ashfield Mall, Upstairs Forecourt
Time: Saturday 7 - Sunday 15 Sept.

As in a spiritual ritual this installation has complex messages and layers of meaning. This moon shape installation celebrates our moon landing in the universe, and to help us to look outside the box and enjoy the diversity of contemporary Australia. Ritual Nirvana mixes spirituality and sharing, and as we well know, things are simply better when they are shared.


New Moon  

Reimagined Landings - New Moon Collective

Ashfield Civic Plaza
Time: Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 Sept.

50 years after the first moon landing, space travel is still overwhelmingly male oriented, with a recent mission allowing the first wom*n to walk on the moon abandoned due to an ill-fitting suit. So during Edge Festival, New Moon collective are sending wom*n to the moon themselves! Viewers are invited to immerse themselves in the spongey moonscape outside Ashfield Civic Centre and watch the projection of their short film Reimagined Landings. The film, featuring Inner West female identifying, trans and non binary residents dressed in a custom made space suit, encourages viewers to challenge their preconceived associations with gender and space travel and reimagine what the world would look like today if a wom*n had been given an opportunity to walk on the moon.

 Illustration of Ashfield by Loni Thompson to accompany a newly commissioned story called a tale of two Ashfields by Sheryl Dixit

Spineless Wonders - Ashfield Sound Bites

Across Ashfield Civic Precinct 
Time: 24/7

With contributing authors andillustrators.
Graphic Design – Bettina Kaiser


These seven wondroustales of Ashfield, paired with specially created illustrations, were developedin response to writer and illustrator call outs by Spineless Wonders. Thesespecially commissioned writer-illustrator pairings have resulted in rich, localstories beautifully and graphically portrayed on decals for EDGE Ashfield. Spineless Wonders are a crew of“Storybombers” who will elicit and engage the community to tell their tales inwritten form. Includes Artist in Residence and writer-performer Richard Holt atThirning Villa.


Spineless Wonders  

Spineless Wonders  - Richard Holt

Dates: Artist in residence – Aug 29 – Sunday 15
Location: Various

Free Artist Talk in Library - Writing , off the page and on the street. Bookings -

Meet Richard on the streets of Ashfield, and in the Spineless Wonders writing hub in Ashfield Plaza.


A render of the Microlit Karaoke stage that will appear for EDGE Ashfield, 13-15 September, on Hercules st, Ashfield  

Spineless Wonders - Karaoke Spoken Word

Location: Hercules Street, Ashfield
Time: Friday 13 - Saturday 14 Sept.

Student interns are designing a stage which will house a 1970s Karaoke installation. Punters can select a story to read from the Karaoke screen and the backing tracks will turn them into instant “Beat Poets” when they perform the mini pre-written texts. 


100 - lanterns  

100 Lanterns - Jayanto Tan 

Cnr of Liverpool Road and Hercules Street, Ashfield
Time: TBC

Re-installing a work from last year, that had significant community input in making 100 lanterns that each has 27 intricate folded pieces, shaped like Chinese Gold ingots that were then stitched together to form each lantern. That's 2,700 folded gold ingots – a very lucky work.


A moon  festival mural design showing three women and a young girl huddled together warmed by the glow of a lit lantern and thier togetherness.  

Moon Festival Mural - Sharon Billinge

Ashfield Civic Precinct
Time: Saturday 27 - Sunday 15 September, various times.

The Moon Festival is an inherently Chinese festival celebrated by the gatheringof loved ones together over food. this mural features the beautiful idea that we all see the same moon phase on or around the same date wherever we are across the globe. This theme of unity seems a fitting framework to celebrate Ashfield’s unique mix of cultures. The mural shows people taken from various community groups in Ashfield coming together to celebrate Autumn and its harvest surrounded by the lanterns of the Moon Festival. 

Live painting - Sharon is painting her mural each day between 9-5pm until it is completed
If you want to catch her for a chat when she is on the ground (and not in her cherry picker)  - she will taking short breaks between 12 - 2pm.

Eden Seniors


Chinese Zodiac Decals - Ashfield Seniors Eden


Ashfield Civic Precinct
Time: TBC

12 high bling beaded Chinese animals were created by a friend of the Eden Seniors groups in china. These will be presented as floor decals around the Ashfield Civic Precinct, with the years listed for each animal, allowing everyone to ascertain their own Chinese Zodiac based on their birth year.



Rhythmotron - John Taylor, Andy Milne and Chris Stanton


Location: Near the Ashfield Mall handy teller (and next to Ashfield Library after hours shute)
Time: Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 Sept.

Play an algorithmic robotic percussion ensemble via a re-purposed piano – no musical knowledge required!

The moon plays an important role in the rhythms of our planet and our lives. Incelebration of these natural rhythms, we will enhance our underlyingrhythmic generation algorithm, so that you will be able to play rhythms ofthe moon!

The Rhythmotron is an interactive robotic drum-machine housed in a re-purposedupright piano. The top of the piano holds percussion instruments played byrobotic drumsticks. You can control the rhythms with the knobs and buttons onthe keyboard, which feed into a hidden computer running the XronoMorphrhythm generating software.

Sonata Della Luna 

Sonata della Luna - Selina Springett

Ashfield Civic Precinct
Time: TBC

Sonata della Luna is a sound installation where each of the individual sounds are particularly meaningful to the artist and are recorded from instruments and objects of great personal significance. Among these are baby toys and rattles from three generations of her family. These act as sites of intimate connections to loved ones separated through distance and time. Using round light spheres and speakers that trigger sounds,  this work will engage people in considerations of social and ecological concerns, in a fun playful way.


8 Days A Week  

Captain Zenna Dos - Mai Do

Ashfield Civic Precinct
Time: TBC

Follow Captain Zenna Do's 8 Days a Week to Explore the Full Moon. A mysterious work in progress (and flux).

Sticky Notes 

Sticky Notes - Ciaran Frame and friends

Location: Across Ashfield Town Centre
Time:  5pm, Friday 13 (Music Box Project)
2pm, Sunday 15 (Onsombull Ensembul)

Sticky Notes brings Ashfield to life withmusic, stories, sights and sounds within the Inner West. Music scores found atfour locations around the community of Ashfield will pop with music notation, and invite passersby to play music on the street. Sticky Notes will highlightscores by Ciaran Frame, based on Spineless Wonders stories of the inner west,featuring musical activations from Ensembl Onsomnble and The Music BoxProject.

Ensemble Onsombl (spelt differently every time) is a proudly ungoogle-able band of composer-performers.

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