A close shot of two performers, both wearing white collared shirts against a brown velvet curtain backdrop. The left performer has brown wavy hair and various piercings, looks off to the right. The right performer looks at the viewer with blonde wavy hair.Emma Kew & Cheryn Frost, Here Here

Emma Kew & Cheryn Frost: Small Commission

Here Here

3:00pm & 8:00pm Saturday 13 April

3:00pm Sunday 14 April

Council Chambers, Petersham Town Hall

Tickets not required

Here Here is a site responsive work to the Petersham Town Hall Council Chambers.

Two councilmen deliberate over the big questions. Decisions will be made.

Take a seat & let's nut it out.

Please note that this session takes place in the upstairs Council Chambers. There are two flights of stairs to navigate with sadly no accessible lift. There will be a live feed screen available in the foyer to watch the performance.

About Emma Kew & Cheryn Frost 

Cheryn Frost and Emma Kew are performance/ theatre makers and Drag Kings with credits for directing, writing, lighting designing, stage management, curating and producing. Cheryn’s notable works include solo performances ‘Volcanoes & Vulvas: The Exploration of My Two Greatest Loves’ (Redline Productions/The Old Fitz) and ‘Hydraulic Fucking’ (PACT). Emma’s works include collaborations with award-winning companies Stage Mum - ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Cooking For’ (Sydney Fringe) and Studio Antics - ‘Dykes on Bikes’ (Canon Australia), as well as TV appearances on Home & Away and Doctor Doctor. They jointly presented ‘Heavy Lifting’ (Bondi Festival) and ‘Keith & Stocky’ (The Bearded Tit).


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Image Credits

Banner: Legs On The Wall, image by Carlita Sari Photo

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